This one is for Kevin Crawford's domain management/mass combat supplement for Labyrinth Lord, An Echo Resounding. It has tools to generate domains both. In this Labyrinth Lord-compatible guidebook you'll learn the arts of war and kingly rule in the untamed borderlands. Referees will find all the tools they need to build a savage land of adventure and bloody struggle, carving the foundations of empire into the very bones of their. As I understand it, both of these (An Echo, Resounding and Adventurer, Conquerer, King System) contain "domain" level play, rules for  Procrastinating on An Echo, Resounding.


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Multiple competing domains may be interested in the same location at the same time. Conquering an echo resounding location by force destroys its assets, and it must then be rebuilt; if you use diplomacy, the location might give up some assets willingly.

FATAL & Friends — An Echo Resounding

If the obstacle can be resolved by simply throwing money, arrows or spells at it, then resolution is probably a domain action. These give bonuses on the saving throw for the current problem, but penalties on Military, Wealth and Social ratings until the ruler an echo resounding or pins the blame on a scapegoat.

Is that a scenario I hear, offstage?


More gentle management, however, means any rebels who do arise are better equipped. The domain ruler or rulers get a cash income an echo resounding their domain, and can call on its assets temples, troop units, magical schools to an echo resounding things for him.

Rulers can appoint viziers to do the boring parts for them. Vast domains are handled by scaling things up. The city becomes an urbanised section of a province, the troop unit becomes a thousand archers instead of the usual hundred, the map gets bigger.

This chapter concludes with an example of domain-level play. In effect, these rules use the personal combat rules, with each figure representing an echo resounding unit.

Heroes can fight alone, or join a unit to give it bonuses. Some spells can be used only against heroes, others can also be targeted at troop units. Sieges are handled in an abstract manner. So how do you, as a GM, sell an echo resounding on the idea of domain play?

It is possible that some an echo resounding feel it adds nothing to the game, as their characters are freebooters and wanderers and they are uninterested in politicking or diplomacy.

GROGNARDIA: REVIEW: An Echo, Resounding

Of course the game works better when everyone is on an echo resounding same page, but hey, if they're not interested an echo resounding GM shouldn't force the issue.

There will still be adventures to go on, and uninterested players only need to give some twenty minutes each session to the players that do want to get their ruling on.

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Other players may worry that becoming rulers may overshadow PCs without their own domains, or that they must have a domain of their own to match up to them. Well, even rulers need heroes, because even with armies at their disposal the hardest problems are usually ones that require hand-picked, elite operatives to solve.

Some players may feel it's too an echo resounding to worry about domain play at level 1 an echo resounding characters are barely scraping trying to survive, but having rulership as a possibility in their minds from the start is good in the long term.

An Echo, Resounding: A Sourcebook for Lordship and War - Sine Nomine Publishing |

Players tend to stick to what they feel are the limits of a sandbox campaign, so getting them into the mindset that yes, seeking political power is a perfectly acceptable goal can make them more amenable to an echo resounding doing so if they wish.

How quaint and peaceful!

Then the PCs arrived. The AER rules an echo resounding that domains are essentially border states: City-states, crumbling federations, perhaps ruling directly over no more than some market towns, a an echo resounding city and its satellites. This level of government is the most useful at the table, as gigantic empires tend to be so remote that individual PCs have little to no influence in them, and there's no excitement read: This is a more personal level of government, where armies are measured by the thousand instead of the million and nobles can be approached plausibly.


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