Review: 'Go It Alone' by Bruce Judson. Year after year, surveys show that “owning my own business” is a goal for over half of the working adult population. Go It Alone! and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Go It Alone!: The Secret to Building a Successful Business on Your Own Paperback – December 13, He is the author of Go It Alone! and Netmarketing, and the coauthor of Hyperwars. I just love the free stuff - Bruce Judson has kindly released his book Go it Alone to his home page. This pages long book talks about how to quit your day job.


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Go It Alone!: The Secret to Building a Successful Business on Your Own by Bruce Judson

So why don't they do so? Because starting one's own business is seen as difficult, expensive, and risky. To appropriately leverage what you do best and achieve the necessary focus to create value, how do you decide what should be outsourced and what should be handled in-house?

Are there specific ways to operate your outsourced effort so that you realize the greatest possible benefits from this system? Are there specific types of business strategies or innovations that are particularly effective when combined with extreme bruce judson go it alone Extreme outsourcing requires the ability to delegate.

Avoid the control trap at all costs - you get bogged down in the paperwork and bruce judson go it alone activities as your business grows.

Go It Alone - Bruce Judson - Josh Kaufman

The business must be established so that you avoid even the smallest essence of the control trap. Success is achieved through focus on a minimal number of high leverage activities, bruce judson go it alone the outsourcing of everything else. Start with a bias to outsource everything, then ask these questions: Do you trust the third-party business that will be handling the outsourced function?

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Counterparty Risk Will the outsourcing function make it easier for you to coordinate your overall business system? If answer to both is yes, outsource. Also use productivity-enhancing software to increase your effectiveness on what you spend your time on. Outsource the arms and the legs to third-parties whose systems you trust to make your life easier.

Once the business is running, administrative tasks should take no more than 1 hour bruce judson go it alone day.

Not part of core competence or business reinvention.

Go It Alone!: The Secret to Building a Successful Business on Your Own

Build in feedback loops with a focus on customers. Expect and plan for business evolution. Have a plan from the beginning for how and when specific activities bruce judson go it alone be outsourced once you have more information and reach critical mass.

The experience curve of your business will help you create systems to handle routine processes - once you understand how to perform a task well enough for it to be systematized, outsource it.

Simplicity always wins over complexity. Keep the business proposition straightforward and flexible. The acid test is whether or bruce judson go it alone your business is simple to operate.


Beware of feature creep and over-analysis - they create complexity. Use your intuition - is it really simple, or are there too many moving parts? Start simple and stay simple!

Study their offerings; buy their products; visit their website; understand how they are positioning themselves against you; understand how they are outsourcing functions. You must maintain discipline. Lack of discipline will kill your business.

Go It Alone!

Lessons From Inventive Companies Extreme outsourcing allows you to be quicker and more efficient than other larger companies. Present a high degree of professionalism. Maintain your flexibility - it will allow you to outmaneuver competition.

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