The Comptroller and Auditor-General led by Vinod Rai will make a presentation on Friday before the Murli Manohar Joshi- headed Public. India News: Quoting selectively from Vinod Rai's 3-page letter, the PMO on Thursday sought to play down TOI's report that a CAG draft report. How did CAG reduce its loss estimate from over Rs 10 lakh crore to just Rs lakh crore? In the final report, many companies were excluded.


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Reuters The draft report had listed 76 private companies, while the final CAG report lists And the windfall gains were calculated at Rs 4. The financial impact of the benefit to private allottees has been estimated confining cag report on coalgate open cast reserves of mixed mines only,'' the final CAG report says.


The CAG said it has arrived at the estimates based on the average cost of production and average sale price of opencast mines of Coal India cag report on coalgate the year The auditing body said it is "of strong opinion that there is a need for strict cag report on coalgate and monitoring mechanism to ensure that benefit of cheaper coal is passed on consumers".

The concept of allocation of captive coal blocks through competitive bidding was announced in However, government is yet to finalise the modus operandi of competitive bidding.

CAG on CoalGate: The real scandal lies beyond the numbers

The CAG report contains an executive summary and six chapters. The company said it has invested over Rs. The Urtan North block is also critical to Cag report on coalgate plans as it was supposed to meet per cent of the coking coal needs of its already operational Raigarh steel plant in Chhattisgarh.

The company said has invested Rs.

What is coal scam? | The Indian Express

The Government had the authority to auction the coal blocks but chose not to. Augmentation of Coal Production pp. Allocation of Captive Coal Blocks pp. Productive Performance of Captive Coal Blocks pp. But given that the public cag report on coalgate had failed over the years to increase coal output to meet the increase in demand, there was a case to bring private players.


But that would have required an amendment cag report on coalgate the Coal Mines Nationalisation Act, which given the fact that the UPA government was in dependent on the Left parties for survival, was impossible.

It was in that context that the government resorted to the subterfuge of awarding coal blocks for captive use.

But as the CAG establishes, the whole process was riddled by lack of transparency, which permitted 'sweetheart deals' with private players. It was, as Firstpost had observed earlier, a textbook case of crony capitalism.

Congress sharpens attack on CAG over Coalgate report 24 Sep Ahead of its Working Committee meeting, Congress on Monday again targeted Comptroller and Auditor General Vinod Cag report on coalgate alleging that some people have the "penchant of seeking to become a hero by adding zeros" in their report.

Cag report on coalgate Jaiswal tried to dismiss theauditor's findings as "notional and imaginary".

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