With about 50 % of all government agency managers becoming eligible for retirement in the next five to ten years, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and the. The merger is considered to be one of the most successful ever in the semi-conductor industry. In May , Forbes Magazine wrote, “The Right Way to Do a. Practical Case Studies in Management and Leadership. This article is the first in a two part series. Watch for the second installment next week. Mordu Serry-.


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The employees were asked to describe an ordinary day at work, and how their experiences of the organization and leadership of the company were related to perceived work pressure and well-being.


The CEO was asked to describe the ideas behind the work organization, how new employees were recruited and introduced to work, how decisions were taken and his relationship with the staff.

The observations were case study about leadership during six different staff meetings, both meetings with all the employees and smaller team meetings.

Leadership and Management Case Study #1

On these occasions, an observational guide, inspired by Schein Schein,was used to capture key issues such as the environment, the participants, their interaction overt as well as non-verbal and activities. There were also observations made at coffee breaks and when case study about leadership was performed, and there were opportunities to have informal discussions with employees and with the founder of the company, in addition to the interviews.

Field notes were taken during the observations and reflections were written directly after each visit at case study about leadership company. All data collection was performed by the first author. All interviews were tape-recorded and transcribed.

The data from the transcribed interviews, the summaries of the corporate documents and the notes from the observations were analysed case study about leadership to hermeneutic principles Gadamer,searching for a holistic context-based meaning of the content alternating between preliminary interpretations of the whole text and interpretations of the different parts of the text.

All the text was read several times and the whole material was sorted under different themes, validated through consistency between the different data sources. The analysis process was continued until all essential aspects of the empirical data were included in the final interpretation.

RESULTS Values and culture The founder of the company has consciously developed and refined the culture and the structure of the organization since it was established in the s.


He assumes that all individuals want to do something meaningful, take responsibility and develop in their work. He thinks that this is best promoted by freedom, appreciation and participation. The philosophy of the founder permeates both the structure and the culture of the organization.

It is also reflected in the buildings of the company. A new factory building was constructed in case study about leadership The major parts of this building are made of glass, meant to symbolize a pure flow of communication.

Ethics & Leadership Case Studies | LearningEdge at MIT Sloan

The idea is that the shaping of the building should promote the participation of all employees and promote an open and honest communication.

The founder of the company is actively communicating the values of the organizational culture to the employees.

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He is taking a central role in the meetings with all the employees. He spends a lot of time talking about the importance of the employees being alert and taking responsibility, emphasizing that it case study about leadership the responsibility of the employees to make the company profitable and to find sustainable solutions.

An observation was made when the founder of the case study about leadership together with all the employees formulated the quarterly goals of the company.


The employees made their contributions when they were asked to, and the founder decided if he thought that a contribution was worth writing down. He encouraged the employees to work with the quality of the products to change a negative trend. The final version of the case study about leadership was typed out and handed to all employees during the next coffee break.

A respect but also a certain distance to the founder of the company was expressed by the employees interviewed.

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