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Defensas administrativas y judiciales del consumidor. Del Decreto Ingenta Connect

This paper presents theories that describe the characteristics of entrepreneurs who established businesses in Colombia, to offer an approach to individual and business ethics, and corruption, the most common kind of crime in Colombia, a brief diagnosis by the Colombian National Directorate of Taxes and Customs DIANand ethics in higher education.

A questionnaire with a Decreto ley 3466 de 1982 scale was designed to measure attitudes toward corruption in the private sector.


Following the model of White regarding the balance and decreto ley 3466 de 1982 of items, the questionnaire represents cognitive, affective and behavioral components, operationalizing variables while crosschecking between categories that define the relationship between corruption and its emotional, behavioral, and cognitive components.

The categories analyzed were marketing, production, administrative, legal, and environmental activities. It is possible to state that people with less formal education show positive attitudes towards corruption, and approval rates decrease as the formal education of entrepreneurs increases, because they increasingly reject corrupt acts and their consequences.

It was found that i 54 out of every entrepreneurs with no formal education approve corrupt behavior, mainly related to marketing processes in their organizations; ii 40 out of business owners whose businesses have been operating between 0 and 3 months approve of corruption in production decreto ley 3466 de 1982 iii 30 out of business owners with secondary educations do not differentiate between corrupt actions and ethical behaviors when implementing administrative models in their companies; and iv 35 out of business owners do not experience negative emotions when committing unlawful acts or violating business rules.

Keywords entrepreneur, ethics, ethics and business, corruption.

decreto ley 3466 de 1982 As categorias analisadas foram: Since those most affected decreto ley 3466 de 1982 corruption are the poor and the most vulnerable population sectors, there are moral reasons to fight corruption and reinforce business ethics.

In fact, incentives should stress the risks of corrupt behavior and highlight the benefits of transparent and ethical practices Boehmb and Graf, Nonetheless, when asked about practices within each sector, entrepreneurs indicate that they perceive unethical behaviors that they deplore but to which they must adapt Vaca et al.

According to Transparency InternationalColombia ranks 94th in terms of corruption among countries, with a score of 36 out ofwhere zero represents the greatest perception of corruption and its complete absence. Corruption weakens the already weak democratic system.

According to Transparency Internationalcorruption in Colombia has become a structural feature of the economy.

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Nonetheless, their data is not entirely reliable, given the decreto ley 3466 de 1982 and opacity of the process. Corrupt agreements are usually secret and not at all transparent, so opportunities to participate in them are limited.

Moreover, high barriers to entry and investment can generate unrecoverable costs without any possible alternative destination.

Corrupt agreements have significant complications that represent transaction costs for corrupt actors Boehmb and Graf, Boehmb and Graf recognize various practices as examples of corruption, including decreto ley 3466 de 1982, extortion, embezzlement, favoritism, nepotism, fraud, and collusion among firms to surreptitiously allocate market share or set prices.

These illegal practices have their own logic and their own economic mechanisms andrealities.


Instead, corruption is usually minimized as a distribution problem. In addition, there are differences regarding the level of corrupt acts and their value.


We distinguish low-level corruption carried out by police officers, for example, from high-level corruption, usually attributed to politicians and leading business figures. The subjective interpretation of facts —not facts themselves— determine emotional responses.

Corrupt behavior is a quality that cannot be directly observed or measured in a population of entrepreneurs.

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Instead we evaluate the observable variables of cognition, emotion, formal education, and behavior. Attitude to the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral dimensions Source: According to Bolivarthe emotional, cognitive, and behavioral dimensions are in constant interaction and are cyclical, i.

This paper presents theories that describe the characteristics of entrepreneurs who create new businesses, an approach to individual decreto ley 3466 de 1982 and the ethical practices of their businesses, corruption, the most common crimes in Decreto ley 3466 de 1982, a brief diagnosis provided by the Colombian National Directorate of Taxes and Customs dianand ethics in higher education.

This paper analyzes entrepreneurship as the creation of a business by engaging in rational behavior to optimize the use of available technologies and financial resources Fontela, These activities are not standardized:

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