MEC, La educación en España. Bases para una política educativa, p. ca., pp. Presi- dencia del . Informe y proyecto de decreto sobre la organización general de la instrucción pública Ma- .. das por la Orden Ministerial de 14 de febrero de .. Cuadernos de Pedagogía, , mayo , pp. vista o disposto na Lei no , de 28 de maio de , nos Decretos no , de 26 de abril de , e na Portaria . Steindachneridion melanodermatum Garavello, . Atlantirivulus lazzarotoi (Costa, ). Peixe-anual. CR. * Austrolebias alexandri (Castello & López, ). Côte d'Ivoire - - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Décret no du 12 avril , fixant les modalités de constitution et d'agrément des coopératives et unions de coopératives. of ) of the Pension Yields Act.


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Adjuvant loading refers to the amount of adjuvant [69] [70] already added to the glyphosate product.

DTO ENE MINISTERIO DE EDUCACIÓN PÚBLICA - Ley Chile - Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional

Fully loaded products contain all the necessary adjuvants, including surfactant ; some contain no adjuvant system, while other products contain only a limited amount of adjuvant minimal or partial loading and additional surfactants must be added to the spray tank before application.

Ground and surface decreto no 74 170 de 1974 pollution is limited.

Though both glyphosate and AMPA are commonly detected in water bodies, a portion of the AMPA detected may actually be the result of degradation of detergents rather than from glyphosate.

The mechanism of glyphosate sorption to soil is similar to that of phosphate fertilizers, the presence of which can reduce glyphosate sorption.


If glyphosate reaches surface water, it is not broken down readily by water or sunlight. Soil and climate conditions affect glyphosate's persistence in soil.

The median half-life of glyphosate in water varies from a few to 91 days. A site in Iowa had a half-life of days.

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In this case, the persistence of AMPA was attributed to the soil being frozen for most of the year. However, a field test showed that lettucecarrotsdecreto no 74 170 de 1974 barley contained glyphosate residues up to one year after the soil was treated with 3.

However, in addition to glyphosate salts, commercial formulations of glyphosate contain additives known as adjuvants such as surfactantswhich vary in nature decreto no 74 170 de 1974 concentration.

Surfactants such as polyethoxylated tallow amine POEA are added to glyphosate to enable it to wet the leaves and penetrate the cuticle of the plants. Humans[ edit ] There is limited evidence human cancer risk might increase as a result of occupational exposure to large amounts of glyphosate, such as agricultural work, but no good evidence of such a risk from home use, such as in domestic gardening.

It also reported that glyphosate is unlikely to be carcinogenic in rodents and concluded that glyphosate was "unlikely to pose a carcinogenic risk to humans from exposure through the diet". Indications of glyphosate toxicity in animals typically appear within 30 to minutes following ingestion of a large enough dose, and include initial excitability and tachycardiadecreto no 74 170 de 1974depression, and bradycardiaalthough severe toxicity can develop into collapse and convulsions.

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These include the induction of positive trends in the incidence of renal tubule carcinoma and haemangiosarcoma in male mice, and increased pancreatic islet-cell adenoma in male rats.

Evidence also shows that such herbicides cause direct electrophysiological changes in the cardiovascular systems of rats and rabbits.

The hour LC50 is ppm for grass shrimp Palaemonetas vulgaris and decreto no 74 170 de 1974 for fiddler crabs Uca pagilator.

These values make glyphosate "slightly toxic to practically non-toxic". Efficacy was described for numerous bacteria and fungi.

Glyphosate - Wikipedia

Further research is required to determine the impact of glyphosate on earthworms in complex ecosystems. Selection for this program is based on a compound's prevalence of use and does not imply particular suspicion of endocrine activity.


The Weight of Evidence conclusion stated " As agricultural spray adjuvants, surfactants may be pre-mixed into commercial formulations or they may be purchased separately and decreto no 74 170 de 1974 on-site. Human[ edit ] Acute toxicity and chronic toxicity are dose-related.

Skin exposure to ready-to-use concentrated glyphosate formulations can cause irritation, and photocontact dermatitis has been occasionally reported.

  • Decreto Ley Nº /74 - Ley de Reforma Agraria. | InforMEA
  • SciELO - Scientific Electronic Library Online

These effects are probably due to the preservative benzisothiazolinone. Severe skin burns are very rare.


Eye exposure may lead to mild conjunctivitis. Superficial corneal injury is possible if irrigation is delayed or inadequate. More severe cases cause "respiratory distress, impaired consciousness, pulmonary edemainfiltration on chest X-ray, shock, arrhythmias, renal failure requiring haemodialysis, metabolic acidosis, and hyperkalaemia" and death is often preceded by bradycardia and ventricular arrhythmias.

Decreto no 74 170 de 1974 1, p However, a meta-analysis of the same studies found a correlation between occupational exposure to glyphosate formulations and increased risk of B cell lymphomathe most common kind of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

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