Just two weeks ago, Bishop Alvaro del Portillo was beatified in Madrid. Don Alvaro was one of St. Josemaria Escrivá's first followers and was. Friend of the Filipinos Don Alvaro del Portillo, the first successor as head of Opus Dei to founder St. Josemaria Escriva, was beatified yesterday at an open-air. Álvaro del Portillo was St. Josemaria Escrivá's most trusted collaborator. Eventually.


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At the end of the ceremony the more don alvaro del portillo 3, young volunteers helped participants to leave Valdebebas on their way back to Madrid. Javier Echevarria Rodriguez ordered an investigation into the cause for canonization of Msgr.

Among them were 19 cardinals and 12 bishops or archbishops. The documentation submitted to the Vatican comprised 2, pages in three volumes.

Thousands Attend Beatification Ceremony of Bishop Álvaro del Portillo in Madrid

From this time on, Msgr. Beatification[ edit ] Don alvaro del portillo July 5, Pope Francis published a decree from the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints declaring the miraculous character of a cure of a Chilean boy attributed to the intercession of the Venerable Alvaro del Portillo.

He stimulated us to raise our sights and think of generous projects in the service of the Church.

Perhaps one of the lasting impressions that people took from an encounter with Bishop Alvaro was that he was very much a father. He enabled hundreds, if not thousands, of people to take on board the freedom they enjoy and the responsibility they have in practising, teaching and spreading the faith of Christ.

The three essential features of the image of the priest that we saw above his divine vocation, sacramental consecration, and evangelizing mission are fully understood and harmonized only when seen in the light of a deep ascetical demand: Del Portillo oversaw the work of the third chapter of the decree on the holiness of priests with great personal commitment and sacrifice, and with a deep love don alvaro del portillo the priesthood learned directly from St.

I remember very well the great esteem and especially the cordial affection that, despite the relentless rhythm of their work, all of his closest co-workers showed towards Msgr. The entire work of the Council was aimed at fostering a renewal in the Church, enabling it to carry out a more effective evangelization of the world.

So it is no surprise that these pages dedicated to priestly holiness strongly reflect that don alvaro del portillo commitment and don alvaro del portillo That is, a priest attains union and harmony between his interior life and the obligations, often quite varied and dispersed, that stem from his proper pastoral mission.

For them this means a complete gift of themselves to the flock committed to them.

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As Presbyterorum Ordinis says: This stands as the root and center of the whole life of a priest. What takes place on the altar of sacrifice, the priestly heart must make his own. This cannot be done unless priests through prayer continue to penetrate more deeply into the don alvaro del portillo of Christ.

If instead we distance ourselves from Jesus Christ, we have to compensate for don alvaro del portillo with other worldly attitudes, idolatries, and we make ourselves devotees of the god Narcissus. The priest who adores Jesus Christ, the priest who speaks of Jesus Christ, the priest who seeks Jesus Christ and allows himself to be sought by Jesus Christ.

This is the center of our lives. If we do not have this, we lose everything!

Beatification of Opus Dei leader Alvaro del Portillo -

And then what shall we give don alvaro del portillo the people? Facing the New Evangelization We have looked at the decree Presbyterorum Ordinis, seeking in its pages the image of the priest that the Second Vatican Council left us and that Don Alvaro made known both in his writings and, above all, by the example of his own priestly life and work.

Now we can formulate a question that Msgr. Del Portillo sometimes asked himself I well remember some of his conversations towards the end of his life, almost on the threshold of the third millennium.

From the Second Vatican Council to today don alvaro del portillo Church has undergone fifty years of life and suffering, years of theological reflection that was not always balanced and calm, years of pastoral renewal that was not always exempt from difficulties.


And nevertheless the teaching found in the decree on the ministry and life of priests is not only still relevant, but don alvaro del portillo has steadily taken root with a growing vigor.

His mother was Mexican and his father was from Spain.


While a year-old engineering student in Madrid, Alvaro del Portillo took part in St Vincent de Paul activities, teaching catechism to children in Vallecas and other poor neighbourhoods, and distributing donations and food to needy families. At a certain point, thanks to one of his aunts, he don alvaro del portillo into contact with St Josemaria Escriva.

From September 29 to 2 October those who go to Rome will be able to visit the St.

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