Biogas - Ihre Zukunftsenergie - Vorteile einer Biogasanlage - Funktionsweise und Planung der Anlagetechnik - Hinweise zu rechtlichen. Feuerung, 2 × BHKW · f2 · f2. Das Kraftwerk Prenzlau in Prenzlau ist das weltweit erste Wasserstoff-Wind-Biogas-Hybridkraftwerk. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Geschichte; 2 Funktionsweise; 3 Weblinks; 4 Einzelnachweise. Vor der Biogasanlage kochten die Dorfbewohner mit Holzöfen. "In dem Eimer habe ich Tierkot.


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Too high loading rates but funktionsweise biogasanlage easily lead to an imbalance of the multi-stage fermentation process. Caused thereby, acidification of the fermenter leads to inhibition of methanogenic microorganisms.

In extreme cases, this can lead to a complete halt of the process. In order to absorb such acidification processes, it is common to reduce the substrate supply if necessary.

funktionsweise biogasanlage


Ist diese Vorgehensweise nicht erfolgreich, so ist ein kompletter Austausch des Reaktorinhalts erforderlich. This procedure is not successful, a complete replacement funktionsweise biogasanlage the reactor contents is required. The subsequent starting operation of the fermentation process up to reaching the maximum gas yield can take up to twelve weeks.

Die Minderung der Methanerzeugung bzw. The reduction in methane production and the complete failure with subsequent start-draws directly reduced yields by funktionsweise biogasanlage. Another common method to stabilize the process is to oppose the substrate acidification by addition of neutralizing additives.


To be particularly suitable for this purpose from lime products have been established. This publication describes a method for controlling funktionsweise biogasanlage biogas plant, in funktionsweise biogasanlage, by means of a measuring device for methanation important parameters of the Sickersafts, z.

It is described that are added during reduction of the pH value below a certain value calcium hydroxide or milk of lime so that the pH increases again to a desired value.

The inventive method is characterized in that finely divided materials originating from lime are used as funktionsweise biogasanlage to stabilize the fermentation process in the biogas production. Surprisingly it has been found that such additives funktionsweise biogasanlage no or only little tendency towards sedimentation in the fermenter.

Thus, the pH can be stabilized reliably during the fermentation process in the inventive method.

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This allows the use of high-energy substrates with high organic loading. Moreover, funktionsweise biogasanlage originating from lime principle to sanitize the advantage to those used as substrates organic substances. This is particularly advantageous in the use of agricultural wastes.

According to the invention the material from lime an average particle diameter d 97 of less than It has been found that the adjustment of the particle funktionsweise biogasanlage d is sufficient to values below 90 microns 97 to prevent sedimentation in the bioreactor to a sufficient extent.

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By the addition of additives in the inventive method, the pH of the substrates employed during biodegradation can be reliably stabilized. The target pH of a system depends on the type of plant, the plant and process parameters as well as the substrates and microbial cultures used and can be determined by the skilled person by experimentation.

In this way, an acidification of the substrate during the entire fermentation process can be effectively funktionsweise biogasanlage.

The amount in which the material is added from lime, according to the invention can vary within wide ranges. Funktionsweise biogasanlage, the addition amount depending on the energy density of the employed biodegradable substrate as well as taking into account the funktionsweise biogasanlage velocity is adjusted in the bioreactor.

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Practical tests have shown that it is useful in most cases, from lime material in an amount of 0. As has been shown in practical tests that the pH occurs regulating effect of burnt dolomite delayed. This delayed onset of action is advantageous, as due to the mixing times are by the size of the fermenter and the low specific energy input of said stirrers usually quite high.

Therefore, the funktionsweise biogasanlage onset of action of the Dolomithalbbrannts allows a good distribution prior to insertion of the pH-regulating effect. This leads to a particularly good utilization of the stabilizing effect of funktionsweise biogasanlage Dolomithalbbrannts.

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The biodegradation of the substrates in the inventive process can be carried out in a known manner. Thus, the biological degradation is usually include the following steps: Formation of biogas comprising methane and carbon dioxide.

Funktionsweise biogasanlage the bacteria of the individual reduction stages make different demands on its habitat, it may be expedient funktionsweise biogasanlage to the invention to carry out the biological degradation in a multi-stage system.

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