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No side effects or serious complications or events Fysik ab bogen assurance The strategy for data collection and quality assurance in the clinic for CAM complementary and alternative medicine and holistic medicine has been developed in the Research Clinic for Holistic Medicine, where it has been used since We are using a questionnaire QOL10 measuring global quality of life QOL1, QOL5 58,59,63self-rated mental and physical health, self-rated social, sexual and working ability, self-rated I-strength, self-rated self esteem relation to self and relation to partner and friends.

We measure before treatment, after treatment three month and again one year after the treatment has been completed The complete lack of side or adverse effects from ethical and professionally conducted consciousness-based medicine has been documented through a systematic fysik ab bogen of the literature fysik ab bogen This is an extremely lucky situation, meaning that the physician, who is working with holistic medicine does not need a clinical assurance.

This is of course not a fair estimate, if the benefits qualitatively are of more value than the harms — compare surviving from appendicitis vs. To solve this problem the QALY Quality-Adjusted Life-Years concept has been developed, and if one converts the benefits and harms into the same global quality of life scale, they can be compared fysik ab bogen , Scientific holistic medicine has had its highly developed ethics already from its first days, when it was created as a science by Hippocrates and his students 1, Specific ethical discussions are to be found in the papers presenting the specific holistic medical 82, and holistic sexological tools 84,,,, Treatment success rate when all treatment failures non-respondersdrop-outs of the survey, and dropouts of treatment are fysik ab bogen as non-responders.

The data comes from clinical studies covering the holistic treatment of patients.


An important aspect of communication fysik ab bogen decision making by the patients is the selection of material for reading by the patient and also verbally explained to the patient, before initiating the treatment and making the therapeutic contract. The patient filling in fysik ab bogen questionnaire and the other papers related to the treatment is legally taken as a written consent.

As not every patient is able fysik ab bogen read scientific papers, we have also published easy-to-read books on quality of life philosophy, clinical holistic medicine and the results from the research, which have been included as a part of the research protocol In the Research Clinic for Holistic Medicine in Copenhagen, we also have one page of written patient information giving just the core information and we have put a summary of the research on our homepage www.

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For researchers we have collected the most important papers in a series of books on principles of holistic medicine Before treatment in holistic medicine the patient should be informed about the course of the treatment in general terms and it is recommended to also receive a written contract for the treatment signed by the patient.

Insurance One ting that makes the practice of medicine very difficult and expensive is the need for medical fysik ab bogen. This need comes from practicing medicine with a risk of harming the patient. From the very beginning the Scientific Ethical Committee accepted that holistic, consciousness-based medicine was so risk-free that we did not need insurance.

This is a strong indicator of clinical holistic medicine being harmless, in spite of its efficacy. Today we know five different types of formal errors that can be made in clinical holistic medicine, but none of them are causing harm to the patients Recent reviews and metaanalysis of holistic mind-body medicine and non-drug CAM in general have documented that this kind of medicine is fysik ab bogen safe for the patient and even preventing suicide Political and financial aspects The political and financial aspects of medical research are well known and one of the aspects that we just recently have started to explore is how to get holistic medicine accepted as valid, medical treatment in countries, where biomedicine is seen as the only medicine.

We know today that many different types of pharmaceutical products are almost without therapeutic value and compared with the above-mentioned efficacy much less attractive, but strong commercial interests work against the holistic medicine and even sometimes against the researchers that develop it.


We encourage everybody to analyse and discriminate carefully the facts and the fictions about the holistic fysik ab bogen and researchers in holistic medicine, when stories about misconduct and abuse by such people hit the media and public authorities, as these stories might be false, fabricated, and planted by biomedical colleagues in close collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry In recent years the fysik ab bogen network of researchers in fysik ab bogen medicine have been bothered by a diversity of hostile actions against their clinical and research practices.

Rumours have often started in the media by biomedical colleges working closely together with the pharmaceutical industry, most often psychiatrists who are completely dependent on the use of psychopharmacological drugs with false accusations of sexual abuse of patients in the media.

Often the researchers have been in severe shock for a long time and even ill for extended periods of time. Recently, in the Nordic countries and Central Europe, leading researchers in holistic medicine and salutogenesis have been forced to flee their country, because of continued attacks on their personal character Fortunately national authorities as well as international experts have recently started to recognize the clinical, holistic medicine as scientific and efficient.

Recently the Interuniversity College, Graz, has graduated fysik ab bogen number of therapists with the master degree on the basis of their research work in clinical holistic medicinemaking Austria the first country to officially acknowledge clinical holistic medicine as a scientific complementary-medical treatment system.

In USA the conflicts between biomedicine and complementary medicine CAM including holistic medicine has often reached the court system and the supreme court of California has in the last decade realised fysik ab bogen and systematically judged in support of the practitioners of CAM and holistic medicine in these conflicts.

Conclusions The Open Source Research Protocol give all interested parties — patients, physicians, therapists, researchers and politicians direct admission to all important parts of the protocol, allowing for peer review and critique of all part of it.

The publication allows other researchers to be inspired and use part for their own research and practice.

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