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Inventing Elliot by Graham Gardner

He knows he has to stand out just enough to be noticed and in just the right way - he is lousy at the boyish sports, but he's a good inventando a eliot, so he is able to deflect the displeasure of his compulsory fieldsport teammates who fortunately have already established a luckless teammate as their victim with this token.

He is unable to jettison an unwelcome identification with the victims he occasionally cannot avoid inventando a eliot being beaten, and is desperate not to be present at fights, lest his sympathies mark him out, and he cannot escape the nightmares of his old situation which haunt him.

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But Elliot manages to stay safe - and on the safe side of the predominant group -not that he can inventando a eliot manage to truly believe that things won't deteriorate on the turn of a pin - and he is probably right, for the sympathy of bullies is as unpredictable inventando a eliot the movements of a snake.

Despite everything, though, Elliot can't avoid his compassion causing him to secretly befriend a victim at one stage, and once he has taken this risk, he realises the boy - Ben, is a non conformist and an interesting and thoughtful companion.

But Elliot's paranoia about the possibilities of those in the know - the Guardians - finding out tortures him and taints the trust between them, pruning the edges of his friendship with Ben into an unnatural thing.

As time goes on, Elliot begins, incredibly, to be seen as a potential member of the Guardians, who are the rulers of the school; who decide the victims and their oppressors and who orchestrate the timing of these 'shows' for the masses.

His future as an emotionally numbed angry young man inventando a eliot assured, until an English teacher, his mother and a beautiful inventando a eliot all try to awaken his emotions, and he begins to crumble and find his soul.


Holminster High is effectively ruled by a single organization, just like the fictional country of Airstrip One in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Graham Gardner has said that he could not have written Inventing Elliot inventando a eliot the way that he did without the lead set by The Chocolate War.


The protagonist of The Chocolate War is a boy who decides inventando a eliot take a stand against conformity; he 'dares to disturb the universe'. Both characters suffer, but in very different ways and for very different reasons.

The boy from The Chocolate War is innocent; before he makes his stand, he does not understand that his actions will represent a real threat to those in power, and that no one inventando a eliot support him.

Elliot is far from being innocent: The Sunday Times called it 'gripping and gritty', the Financial Times described it as 'taut and compelling', and Time Out magazine deemed it one of the top inventando a eliot novels of The Scotsman, The Guardian and Books for Keeps included it amongst their top ten teenage reads forwhilst The Scotsman also named it 'debut of the year'.

InInventing Elliot won the Youth Jury Inventando a eliot of the Deutscher JugendliteraturpreisGermany's most prestigious honour for children's books, voted for by young people aged 11—17 across Germany.

The prize is given to books judged to be of 'outstanding' literary merit and that encourage young people to read. Critic Hans Peter Roentgen called it 'a disturbing chronicle of inventando a eliot, force and seduction. Inventing Elliot has since been shortlisted for Belgium's Farniente prize and Holland's Kinderjury prize A trade paperback followed in The US edition, published inventando a eliot Dial, an imprint of Penguin Putnam, appeared in hardback inthen in paperback a year later.

I survived being killed.

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