While Beijing's opposition to separatist movements remains solid, it could nonetheless benefit from the secession of Iraqi Kurdistan. Kurdistan is divided into four regions; including parts of Iran, North-eastern Syria, South-eastern Turkey and Northern Iraq where Kurds live. The intensification of Kurdish separatism in Iraq is a symptom not a cause of the further disintegration of the Arab and Muslim world, writes.


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Up to 15, Kurds were killed or injured in In Iran, Kurdish political activists are often imprisoned, or sentenced to death simply because of kurdish question in iraq political outlook. Similarly in Syria, Kurds were not allowed to have Syrian citizenship until the Syrian revolutionary movement was started 5 months ago.

Kurds in Syria have faced systematic discrimination for decades, including the Al-Qamishli massacre of that was never given sufficient media coverage. Unfortunately, little is known about Kurdish history and the suffering they have faced for decades.

It is largely due to lack of information about the Kurdish people that their struggle remains unresolved, and also because the demographics of Kurdistan kurdish question in iraq that any political movement for liberation and self-determination is bound to affect so many countries.

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  • Solution to Kurdish problem (2): Revitalizing peaceful coexistence
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About the author Ruwayda Mustafah Rabar is a freelance British-Kurdish writer based in London, and is currently completing her law degree at Kingston law school. Traumas associated with murders whose perpetrators are still at large and illegal kurdish question in iraq, detentions, convictions and torture have disrupted the social subconscious in the region.

For this reason, a rehabilitation program that considers all these problems should be implemented. However, amnesty will not resolve anything without making political and economic improvements.

On the Kurdish Question

This will be just as useless kurdish question in iraq the "return to home" laws that were previously promulgated. The reason those who went into the mountains chose to do so should be clearly identified and it should be realized that their return home will not be possible without improving the conditions at home.

Kurdish question in iraq general amnesty should not be limited to those in the mountains; it should also involve prisoners and people in exile. There is a visible Kurdish diaspora in Europe.

On the Kurdish Question | Kurds | Al Jazeera

Economic measures A serious economic program should be implemented in kurdish question in iraq region. Private and public sector investments should be carried out simultaneously.

The economic policy should be determined realistically and every city should be reviewed separately.

New commercial border crossings should be opened with Iraq, Iran, Syria, Kurdish question in iraq, Armenia and Azerbaijan and customs and visa bureaucracy should be curtailed.

Relations with the Kurdish federal state in northern Iraq While these improvements and reforms are made in Turkey, relations with northern Iraq's Kurdish regional government need to be enhanced and political, cultural, economic, social and sporting integration should be completed.

Turkey needs to see the Kurdish regional government as an opportunity to become a regional power and to reach kurdish question in iraq the region as a brother, rather than an enemy. Turkey should seek to assist the Kurdish government, rather than destroy it.

Who are the Kurds?

The Kurdish regional government should be restructured based on a democratic approach consistent with contemporary principles, rather than a classical Jacobin and laicist approach.

All ethnic groups, including Arabs, Turkmens, Shiites, Sunnis, Yazidis, Assyrians, Nasturis and Keldanis should have the same democratic rights and the Kurdish regional kurdish question in iraq should be open to integration with Persians, Turks and Arabs.


Such a policy will be a model for the Middle East. The problem is vital for Turkey. Kurdish question in iraq is no chance of success for a policy that fails to win over the Kurds and make them partners in Middle East policies.

This has been the case since the Battle of Malazgirt and the Battle of Chaldiran. The more ethnically fragmented the region in which they live the paler will appear the European settler colony in their midst.

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