Urdu Novel: Lahasil by Umera Ahmed - Kindle edition by Umera Ahmed, Lubna Ikhlaq, Muhammad Farrukh Mahmood, Hasan Umar. Download it once and read. Lahasil by Umera Ahmed (English). Chapter 1. In the dark the ground felt cold under her feet. Gingerly she inched forward, putting one foot. La Hasil by Umaira Ahmed Umera Ahmad is a Pakistani author and screenwriter. She chooses a variety of topics to write about. She mainly.


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She wished she could flee from this tiny, suffocating house. We could have done without it.

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We could have used oil lamps, or lanterns or even candles. What need was there for electricity? In silence she would listen to her ranting.

She would often think that this silence, this serenity, were the weapons Lahasil by umera ahmed Jan used to defeat her. The rain had increased in intensity.

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She disliked rain any time of the year, but monsoon rain…. Not even drinking water.

The monsoons, the resultant dirty-water filled courtyard and the muck strewn lanes would make it impossible for her to walk to her college without spoiling her clothes. And to go to college with mud splattered clothes was a humiliation too much to bear.

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She had only one solution to this problem. On the days it rained she would stay home. But when lahasil by umera ahmed rained incessantly for days on end she would have no choice but to grit her teeth and make her way to college being as careful as she could to lift the cuff of her shalwar high above the filth, but despite her best efforts some mud would inevitably be splattered on her lahasil by umera ahmed.

And then to see the smirk on the faces of the others as they looked down on her…when heavy silk and rich brocade are muddied their beauty is enhanced, but mud on coarse unrefined cotton only draws attention to the poverty of the wearer.

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Mama Jan came into the room. Mariam quickly picked up her book and pretended to be absorbed in it. Mama Jan was soaked to the skin.


From under her book Mariam looked at her askance. The wet clothes clinging to her revealed all her bones making her look even frailer.

Kitab Dost: La Hasil novel by Umera Ahmed Online Reading

Without saying a word to Mariam she took off her chador and spread it on the wooden cot to dry. Then she folded the prayer mat and looked up at the ceiling with a half smile.

Wordlessly, Mama Jan left the room and brought back a sun-baked dish to put under the dripping lahasil by umera ahmed. Every year before the lahasil by umera ahmed Mama Jan would religiously have the roof repaired with a mixture of mud and gravel to stop it from breaking up altogether.

For the last three years she had spread a clean plastic sheet before beginning the process and now there were three plastic sheets embedded in the roof.

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