Dashiell Hammett first published The Maltese Falcon as a serialized story in the crime-fiction magazine Black Mass, following it (in ) with a. A statuette from the John Huston–Humphrey Bogart classic The Maltese Falcon is one of the most recognizable, and sought-after, pieces of movie memorabilia. The Maltese Falcon is a film noir written and directed by John Huston in his directorial debut, and based on Dashiell Hammett's novel of the same  Produced by‎: ‎Hal B. Wallis.


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Raft had earlier turned down the lead role in Walsh's High Sierrathe film that maltese falcon launched Bogart's career as leading man rather than chronic supporting player, and is believed by many[ who?

The year-old Bogart maltese falcon delighted[ citation needed ] to play a highly ambiguous character who is both honorable and greedy.


maltese falcon Huston was particularly grateful that Bogart had quickly accepted the role, maltese falcon the film helped to consolidate their lifelong friendship and set the stage for later collaboration on such films as The Treasure of the Sierra MadreKey LargoThe African Queenand Beat the Devil Bogart's convincing interpretation became the archetype for a private detective in the film noir genre, providing him near-instant acclaim and rounding and solidifying his onscreen persona.

It was The Maltese Falcon that Ingrid Bergman watched over and over again while preparing maltese falcon Casablanca, in order to learn how to interact and act with Bogart.

Hammett remembers that the character "had two originals, one an maltese falcon, the other maltese falcon woman who came to Pinkerton's San Francisco office to hire an operative to discharge her housekeeper, but neither of these women was a criminal.

Maundy Gregoryan overweight British detective-turned-entrepreneur who was involved in many sophisticated endeavors and capers, including a search for a long-lost treasure not unlike the jeweled Falcon.

Greenstreet, who was then maltese falcon years old and weighed between and pounds, impressed Huston with his sheer size, distinctive maltese falcon laugh, bulbous eyes, and manner of speaking.

Greenstreet's characterization had such a strong cultural impact that the " Fat Man " atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki during World War II was named after him.

For instance, Cairo's calling cards and handkerchiefs are scented with gardenias ; he fusses about his clothes and becomes upset when blood from a scratch ruins his shirt; and he makes subtle fellating gestures with his cane during his interview with Spade.

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By contrast, in the novel, Cairo is referred to maltese falcon " queer " maltese falcon "the fairy". The film is one of many of the era that, because of the Hays Officecould only hint at homosexuality.

The Maltese Falcon - Wikipedia

It is mentioned by The Celluloid Closeta documentary about how films dealt with homosexuality. Wilmerthe "gunsel" Elisha Cook Jr. Wilmer gets upset when Spade refers to maltese falcon as a "gunsel", meaning a young homosexual in a relationship with an older man. John Hamilton appeared in a minor role as District Attorney Bryan.

The unbilled appearance maltese falcon the character actor Walter Huston, in a small cameo role as the freighter captain who delivers the Falcon, was done as a good luck gesture for his son, John Huston, on his directorial debut.

The elder Huston had to promise Jack Warner that he would not demand a dime for his little role before maltese falcon was allowed to stagger into Spade's office.


George Raft was a handsome actor and dancer who'd narrowly escaped an actual life of maltese falcon his boyhood friends included Bugsy Siegel to become someone who merely played a lot of gangsters.

He was the Warners' first choice for The Maltese Falcon.

He'd been their first choice for High Sierra, too. The Warners had given Huston free rein to make whatever movie he wanted, but they insisted on keeping maltese falcon control over the casting.

The Maltese Falcon

Huston was lucky, therefore, that Raft didn't want to work with a first-time director and turned the movie down, leaving Huston free to cast his pal Bogie.

Detective Sam Spade had a lot of speeches, which the Warners felt tended to slow things down. They asked Huston maltese falcon pick up the pace by having Bogart and the others talk faster. Huston, eager to please on his first film, took the note maltese falcon heart and instructed everyone accordingly.

When the film was a hit, the rat-a-tat pace became one of the hallmarks of film noir.

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