9th Justice Hidayatullah Memorial National Moot Court Competition KIIT Moot court competition , download memorials, winning memorials. THE 13TH INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAW MOOT. NATIONAL ROUNDS. MALAYSIA. THE PROSECUTOR v. MONA TAMMY. MEMORIAL FOR. Once you have mastered the basics, you are ready to take the challenge with your first task as a mooter: preparing the memorials. Scroll down to find an.


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A Moot team comprises of, generally, 2 speakers and 1 researcher. Every moot has 2 aspects you are judged on. The facts have to be arranged in the moot court memorials manner.


Cover page The cover page of each written submission of Memorial must have the following information: Defendant Red ; Petitioner Blue moot court memorials. Respondent Red ; Appellant Blue v.

Respondent Red ; The upper right side of the cover page must contain the Team Code that shall be assigned to each participating teams during Registration. Names of Participants, or Colleges or Universities should not to be mentioned anywhere on the Written Submission of Memorial you should check the specific rules regarding this moot court memorials.

How to Draft a Good Moot Court Memorial

Table of contents It contains a list of chapters and paragraphs that are included in the memorial. We can also mention page numbers of chapters and paragraphs.


By mentioning page numbers it will be easy for the judges and speakers to find out the mentioned arguments. The argument is the most complex part of the brief.

Therefore, moot court memorials headings and subheadings used within the argument section should also be listed in the Table of Contents with the corresponding page number.

Index of authorities In this all the materials which support your argument have to be added. The authorities of Supreme Court and High courts, foreign judgments, statutes, and parliamentary debates are mentioned under the index of moot court memorials.

Sources refer through articles, text books, journals, and websites are also mentioned. This is not only helpful for the speaker but also useful for the judge and other side speaker to easily determine what case laws, constitutional provisions, statutes or other materials are being cited.

Uniform citation method has moot court memorials be followed.

Pleading & Memorials

Moot court memorials is crucial part of memorial; it should be in correct format. Citation helps to determine from where the certain cases, statutes or other materials have been taken.

It gives easily reference to the judges from where certain part has been taken.


List of abbreviations It should contain all the abbreviations used in your memorial. Each abbreviation should contain moot court memorials full meaning and in whole memorial same abbreviation should be followed.

Preparing Your Memorials – Price Media Law Moot Court Programme

It is also necessary for the speaker to know what moot court memorials they are citing in their memorial. Statement of jurisdiction Jurisdiction is the most important part of memorial.

The jurisdiction of the court should be clearly mentioned with the reason. Finding the proper jurisdiction is very important.

Judges surely ask questions and thereby it is important to know the jurisdiction of the court. So, a brief summary of facts have to be written clearly in the beginning of the memorial but generally it should not be moot court memorials than two pages.

Knowing of facts in brief is very necessary, so it is moot court memorials for a speaker to go through the facts carefully and only relevant facts should be mentioned in your memorial.

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