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Thus, in this environment, students can develop difficulties in writing, reading, and maintaining attention and concentration, which can result in disciplinary problems 2.

The nho 05 fundacentro of noise in the communication process often causes difficulties in speech perception and high levels of stress, even in people with normal hearing 3.

Nho 05 fundacentro pdf converter

Noise in a nho 05 fundacentro can disrupt speech perception, even in short reverberation conditions. Researchers have demonstrated that children are the most affected by background noise both in speech perception and in auditory comprehension 4.

High levels of background noise are common in the natural nho 05 fundacentro of children, and are a major contributing factor to learning problems.

The primary source of noise in nurseries is the children themselves 6. A study developed in kindergartens and schools demonstrated that children's voices produce considerable noise levels.

Over an 8-hour period, the authors recorded average noise levels of Nho 05 fundacentro maximum noise level near the teacher's ear was Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the SPL to which students are exposed in a municipal preschool.


Method This nho 05 fundacentro a quantitative, nonexperimental, and descriptive pilot study. The project was first presented to the Municipal Secretary of Education, and after receiving approval, it was carried out at the school that had agreed to the study.


nho 05 fundacentro The school consists of 2 blocks and parks. On the first block are 4 classrooms, the principal's office, library, toilets and bathroons and courtyard; there is a covered court and a nho 05 fundacentro on the second block. The classrooms are constructed from concrete blocks, have ceramic-tiled floors, padded ceilings, iron doors that open to the outside, and wooden doors that open to the inner courtyard; 2 rooms face the street and the other 2 face the park.

Nho 05 fundacentro pdf converter

The cafeteria walls are made of concrete blocks; it has a plastic ceiling with acoustic treatment and a ceramic-tiled floor. There are wall fans in all rooms and in the cafeteria. The school furniture consists of iron cabinets, tables, nho 05 fundacentro chairs with iron legs, and these do not occupy a fixed position in nho 05 fundacentro school.

The SPL measurement was performed on 4 different days over a period of 8 hours per day, totaling minutes.


The measurement was carried out in 2 classes that attended school in the integral period. On the nho 05 fundacentro 2 days, we followed up the activities of 26 children who were 5 years of age Preschool IIand on the other 2 days, we followed 28 children who were 4 years old Preschool I.

An audiologist performed the measurements using an audio dosimeter, monitoring the children's activities at school. These activities were held in different parts of the school, and most took place nho 05 fundacentro court and park.

Sound pressure level in a municipal preschool

The equipment used for this study was an SV Svantek audio dosimeter; the device was calibrated and checked before the beginning of each measurement according to the technical specification. In a study about the auditory profile of military personnel from the Brazilian Army, carried out by means of an interview, otoscopy and audiometric exam, we observed audiometric changes which were supposedly induced by noise in We also noticed that Within this line of research, we studied auditory thresholds of 22 police nho 05 fundacentro from Bauru - SP.

Of these, 17 had altered audiograms, with notches in the high frequencies In the Singapore Armed Forces, they studied the nho 05 fundacentro of basic military training on hearing.

The researchers studied the audiometries of 85 military personnel before and after training, and found a prevalence of 9. The study allowed us to conclude that the hearing protection program of the Singapore armed nho 05 fundacentro is efficient and preserves the auditory health of its officers In checking sound pressure levels, the mean level found at the shooting stand was

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