Philosopher and high-altitude mountaineer Damien François sat down with architectural theorist and mathematician Nikos Salingaros to. Nikos A. Salingaros MA PhD is one of the pioneers who are defining the new architecture. This is an innovative and interactive way of conceiving, constructing. Nikos Salingaros Department of Mathematics, University of Texas at San Antonio, One UTSA Circle San Antonio, Texas E-mail: salingar (at) gmail (dot).


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Sloan Foundation in Salingaros is the author of over scientific papers. He has linked human-scale urbanism nikos salingaros developing architectural movements such as the Network City, Peer-to-peer Nikos salingaros, Biophilic Design, Biourbanism, Self-organizing Housing, Generative Codes, and Sustainable Architecture, some of which he initiated.

In recognition of his efforts to understand architecture using scientific thinking, he was awarded the first grant ever given for research on architecture by the Alfred P.

Nikos Salingaros​, Author at Metropolis

Sloan Foundation in Salingaros has been consultant on urbanism to the cities of Rome and Pristina, and is on the Boards and Scientific Committees of many international organisations and journals.

He had been working with me helping me edit material in The Nature of Order, for years, and at some point—in the mid-nineties I think—began writing papers looking at architectural nikos salingaros in a scientific way.

Then nikos salingaros the second half of the nineties he began making important contributions to the building of this nikos salingaros, and to scientific explorations in architecture which constituted a bridge. While the world has not stopped building skyscrapers, this became one of the most cited and controversial essays on the topic.

And who today can deny that tall buildings such as the World Trade Center towers make ideal targets? That blueprint segregated urban functions and contributed to generating post-war urban nikos salingaros such as monoculture and sprawl.

Through this and other writings Salingaros sought to retrofit suburbia, and reconnect US and European cities nikos salingaros the human scale. This work can be seen as allied with the New Urbanism movement to replace sprawling development with compact, walkable cities and towns.

Salingaros is involved in forming a community that applies analogous techniques of File sharing and Open-source software from computer science to urbanism.

This movement, nikos salingaros upon Peer-to-peer principles, is aptly called P2P Urbanismand combines user participation in design and the use of Design Patterns from Christopher Alexander with other methods found useful in handling complex software.

Nikos Salingaros - Wikipedia

A description, definition, nikos salingaros recent articles are published on the website of nikos salingaros Foundation for Peer to Peer Alternatives. Computer science[ edit ] Salingaros has never written a true software paper, yet nikos salingaros of his papers are quoted by the CS community.

Both these papers were later included as chapters in the book Principles of Urban Structure. The Structure of Pattern Languages [9] argues that patterns a concept central to the design pattern movement in CS and introduced by Alexander encapsulate information about recurring design solutions and human activities.

Can you say more about it?

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Those are meta-rules on geometrical nikos salingaros that lead to physical coherence. They are imprinted into our physiological-cognitive system, so we seek them in our environment.

Their absence, on the other hand, leads to anxiety. Nikos salingaros greatest human artifacts from traditional cultures the world over, for example, embody the 15 Fundamental Properties.

Could you give us a concrete example? Nikos salingaros at any window or door built during tens of thousands of years before the Second World War.

Nikos A. Salingaros -- HOME PAGE

They have a thick frame. An object or space is bounded and supported by a frame of specific dimensions: Nikos salingaros door and window nikos salingaros are of that size, but they shrink as we enter the 20th century, and vanish with the industrial-modernist aesthetic.

Have you noticed this effect? It is especially striking in traditional built environments. And the feeling of harmony that the perfect balance between all parts gives you is really soothing.


Kathmandu, Lalitpur-Patan, and Bhaktapur displays this property. Let us focus on the theme we started with: Yes, those are wonderfully present nikos salingaros the traditional architecture of Nepal.

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