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Simple model flows for analysing processing operations with examples. Constructional features of mold constructional features of core and cavity plates, mold size and strength, cavity material, and fabrication, mold placement, constructional features and layout of runners and gates.

N K Mehta Books

Product design of moulded products Various considerations such as wall thickness, fillets and radii, ribs, under, cuts, drafts, holes, threads, inserts nk mehta machine tool lines, etc. Standards for Tolerances on moulded articles.

Design of molds for plastic processing Methodical mold design, determination of economical number of cavities, melt rheology, temperature control of injection molds, calculation of nk mehta machine tool opening force and ejection force.

Moulding thermoplastics, thermosets, expandable polysterene, foamed engineering plastics, molds for reaction injection molding. Computer applications in plastic molding Use of various softwares for mold flow analysis, optimum gate location and defect analysis, design of component for balanced flow, optimization of process parameters of plastic molding.

Alocock, Prentice Hall, 3.


Strategies for recovery at end of life, recycling, human factors in product design. Modeling and simulation in product design. New Product Development Structuring new product development, building decision nk mehta machine tool system, Estimating market opportunities for new product, new product financial control, implementing new product development, market entry decision, launching and tracking new product program.

Concept of redesign of product.

Machine Tool Design and Numerical Control,2e - Mehta - Google книги

Technology Forecasting Future mapping, invocating rates of nk mehta machine tool change, methods of technology forecasting such as relevance trees, morphological methods and mission flow diagram, combining forecast of different technologies, uses in manufacture alternative.

Basic classification of welding processes, weldability, weld thermal cycle, metallurgy of fusion welds, solidification mechanism and microstructural nk mehta machine tool in weld metal, epitaxial, cellular and dendritic solidification, metallurgical changes in weld metal, phase transformation during cooling of weld metal in carbon and low alloy steel, prediction of microstructures and properties of weld metal.

Heat affected zone, re-crystallization and grain growth of HAZ, gas metal reaction, effects of alloying elements on welding of ferrous metals.

Arc efficiency, temperature distribution in the arc; arc forces, arc blow, electrical nk mehta machine tool of an nk mehta machine tool, mechanism of arc initiation and maintenance, role of electrode polarity on arc behaviour and arc stability, analysis of the arc.

Electrode coatings, classification of coatings of electrodes for SMAW, SAW fluxes, role of flux ingredients and shielding gases, classification of solid and flux code wires, 3. Arc welding power sources basic charters tics of power sources for various arc welding processes, duty cycles, AC, DC welding power source, DC rectifiers, thyristor controlled rectifiers, transistorised units, inverter systems.

Machine Tool Design & Numerical Control

Arc length regulation in mechanised welding processes. Metal Transfer and Melting Rate: Mechanism and types of metal transfer, forces affecting metal transfer, modes of metal transfer, metal transfer in various welding processes, effective of polarity on metal transfer and melting rate.

Theory and mechanism of solid sate welding. Techniques and scope of friction welding, diffusion welding, nk mehta machine tool pressure welding and ultrasonic welding. High energy rate welding. Analysis of the Process. Welding Techniques using Radiation energy: Technique, scope and application of the electron beam and laser welding processes.

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