Pancake/Face Type Slip Rings are used for signals where low contact resistance and low noise levels are required, available up to 18 ways. Pancake type slip rings are used in applications where slip ring have limited space in height direction. Pancake slip rings are used e.g. in medical, measure, test. When you have a height restriction, a "pancake" ring - also called a "flat" or "platter" ring - could be the best solution. We build custom versions of this type of ring.


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The thickess of slip ring here even can reach to 6mm, which can meet most of the precision equipments that have compact room.

  • Pancake slip ring - Senring slip ring
  • Pancake Slip Rings - JINPAT
  • SNK Series Pancake Slip Rings(Min. Thickness 6.5mm)
  • Pancake slip rings
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  • Pancake Slip Ring Assemblies

Listed in the website are standard products of Senring. If you can not find suitable models here, please contact the sales personnel of Senring to make customization. All pancake slip ring parameters including hole size, height thickessOD, materials, IP grade, etc.


Can customize more parameters; can design through hole slip ring with any specs. If there is pancake slip ring return path or ground, that is a separate circuit. Circuit, ring and way are synonymous.

When would I use slip ring separates, as opposed to a capsule? A separate can sometimes accommodate size constraints better than a capsule. It also allows pancake slip ring to mate the rotor and stator in your own system, if you desire. Our slip ring engineers can offer their years of expertise to you as you decide which approach is better for your design.

Slip Rings FAQ's

Why should Pancake slip ring choose precious metal over mercury contacts? The primary reason is safety. Mercury is, of course, a toxic substance, so if your application involves food manufacturing or processing, pharmaceutical equipment or any other use where contamination could be a serious threat, your choice should be precious metal contacts.

Leakage of the mercury and the resultant contamination could be extremely serious. It sounds like a slip ring is a neat solution in a lot of pancake slip ring, but I need a device for limited, not continuous, rotation.


What is my alternative? Slip rings work just as well in an oscillating or scanning mode as they do in continuous rotation.

Pancake Slip Rings, Pancake Slip Rings Suppliers and Manufacturers at

As a pancake slip ring of fact, this type of limited oscillating motion is probably more common than continuous rotation. Moog slip rings are designed to work with rotation in either direction and perform just pancake slip ring well in an oscillating mode as in continuous mode.

Slip rings come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Is there a performance difference between pancake and drum shape?

Although we've designed some excellent pancake slip rings, our expertise has shown that a drum design is more cost effective and performs better than a pancake design.

A pancake slip ring usually has greater weight and volume for the same circuits, greater capacitance and crosstalk, greater brush wear and more readily collects pancake slip ring debris on its vertical axis.

Pancake Slip Ring Assemblies | United States of America

However, a pancake pancake slip ring reduced axial length for the number of circuits. So the decision to use a pancake is usually due to the size and shape of the envelope with which you're working.

A slip pancake slip ring seems to be called a lot of different names - rotary electrical interface, commutator, collector, swivel and rotary joint are a few that I've heard.


If they're all the same thing, why are so many names used?

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