Panicum maximum cv. Mombasa. Tropical forage grass and tropical pasture grass species. Mombasa guinea grass was introduced into Brazil from Tanzania in. ♢PANICUM MAXIMUM GRASS SEEDS. a. Known as Guinea Grass or Tanganyika Grass or Buffalo Grass(English Speaking Countries). Native to. Effect of nitrogen on yield and quality of Panicum maximum cvv. Mombasa and Tanzania in Northeast Thailand. MICHAEL D. HARE, SUPAPHAN PHENGPHET.


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Amazing results in the crude protein percentages obtained, and they have 8 to 9 cuttings per year every 20 days, panicum maximum mombasa height of plant is important, they leave the plant at 5 inches height for cutting from the soil and its height is at feet.

Siambasa adapts very well to drought, heat, salinity and is very palatable for all animals Siambasa in the Middle East, Julysown next to palm tree to see how panicum maximum mombasa has adapted to the conditions of the desert.

Scientific name

Siambasa in the Middle East, July — Production for sheep feed. Siambasa in the Middle East, July Siambasa seed crops in Mukhadan, Thailand A lot of farmers tie the seed heads together and then lie the seed heads down along the rows.

panicum maximum mombasa

This makes harvesting easier and also if strong winds occur, less seed gets blown off. In one village the farmers have invented a special cart to collect the panicum maximum mombasa.

This is pushed along underneath the seed heads down the rows. Jacobs Urochloa maxima Jacq.

Webster Panicum maximum Jacq. Jacobs Panicum maximum var.

Brasuda : Atlas

White Megathyrsus maximus var. Jacobs Panicum maximum Jacq. Morphological description An panicum maximum mombasa variable species, loosely to densely tufted, shortly rhizomatous, erect or geniculately ascending, rooting at the lower nodes. Leaf blades linear to narrowly lanceolate.

Panicle open, oblong or pyramidal, with secondary branches well developed and flexuous.

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  • Fact sheet - Panicum maximum

Spikelets oblong, blunt or acuterounded on the back. Because of the morphological and agronomic panicum maximum mombasa, the species will be treated here as 2 broad types: Leaves glabrous to hairy, cm long, Paniclecm long, and cm wide, spikelets 2.


Leaves glabrous to hairy, to 1. Panicle cm long and cm wide, spikelets 2.

Mombasa Grass (Panicum maximum) - Tropical SeedsTropical Seeds

Plough the soil well. Broadcast the seed panicum maximum mombasa the soil and then cover the seed with only cm of soil. Cover the seed by raking or brushing with large brooms or tree branches.

If there is no rain, irrigate as soon as possible panicum maximum mombasa sowing. It is pure-to type with no other guinea grass seeds in Mombasa seed from Thailand. Broadcast sowing seed on to a fine seed bed Cover the seed by raking lightly Mombasa guinea is a tall leafy panicum maximum mombasa Mombasa pasture in Thailand.

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