Super Glide™ quarter elliptic springs feature a five leaf, /4" wide spring design. The ends of the spring leaves of a Super Glide™ spring have a unique nylon. Calculate Stiffness for Semi-Elliptic Laminated Leaf Spring Calculate Stiffness for Quarter-Elliptic Laminated Leaf Spring. I cut a F leaf spring in half and drilled new center bolt holes. I did it this way so that the frame looked cleaner than mounting them on the  explain this quarter elliptical set up?


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The custom engine mounts continue the forged parts look. The mounting flanges were stylishly shaped similar to the trans mount flanges. The pull pins and lanyards continue the European sports car theme.

Rear Quarter (1/4) Elliptical Suspension

The door and decklid hinges will get the same treatment. The rear suspension is essentially a triangulated three-link setup with quarter-elliptics working as the lower links while also acting as springs.

Quarter elliptic leaf spring in the front, there are no spring shackles. Instead, custom hangers solidly mount the springs to the rear axle housing of a Speedway quick-change rearend.

Each spring is adjusted with a large bolt in the top of the frame at its pivot point, as on a typical quarter-elliptic application. This quarter elliptic leaf spring piece of hardware, found at a military surplus store and believe to be from a plane, inspired the design of the clevis fastener where quarter elliptic leaf spring wishbone links to the top of the driveshaft loop.

The wishbone swivels on polyurethane bushings. Characteristics[ edit ] The leaf spring acts as a linkage for holding the axle in position and thus separate linkages are not necessary. It makes the construction of the suspension simple and strong.

Rear Quarter (1/4) Elliptical Suspension : Zuki Offroad

Because the positioning of quarter elliptic leaf spring axle is carried out by the leaf springs, it is disadvantageous to use soft springs i. Therefore, this type of suspension does not provide good riding comfort. The inter-leaf friction between the leaf springs affects the riding comfort.


Properly building a 4-link quarter elliptic leaf spring numerous measurements and angles. Once the 4-link is in, you can find a good spot for the springs, trying to get the spring eye just forward of the axle when the spring is compressed as it would be at ride height.

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This is basically just to get a good shackle angle for a soft ride and the best articulation. There is a trade-off in the form of reduced load carrying capability, however.


The characteristic of parabolic springs is better riding comfort and not as "stiff" as conventional "multi-leaf springs". It is widely used on buses for better comfort.

Garage Sale - Quarter Elliptical Leaf Spring

A further development by the British GKN company and by Chevrolet with the Corvette among others, is the move to composite plastic leaf springs. Nevertheless, due to missing inter-leaf friction and internal dampening effects, this type of spring requires more powerful dampers or shock absorbers.

The top links in the 4-link suspension are John Deere top links unmodified. The lowers are cut quarter elliptic leaf spring stuffed with a front Dana 44 axle shaft for strength Hey, they were the right diameter!

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