Los Illuminados (Spanish; The Enlightened Ones) was a cult based in a rural area of Southern Europe that worshipped the ancient Plaga parasite and sought to. Los Illuminados ("The Enlightened Ones" in Spanish) is a cult that operated in a rural part of Spain and they are the main antagonists of Resident Evil 4. The cult. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just.


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Los Illuminados | Project Umbrella

History The Illuminados' plans were initially halted by the first castellan of the Salazar family, who persecuted resident evil los iluminados the cult and sealed away the Plaga in fossilised form within the basement of the Salazar family castle.

At some point, the latest leader of the cult named Osmund Saddler managed to fascinate the young eighth castellan, Ramon Salazar.

He convinced Salazar that his family had wrongly persecuted the cult in the past, and that releasing the Plaga once more would be the resident evil los iluminados restitution. Salazar was charmed by Saddler and released the parasites.

Later, Saddler traveled to the local village and earned the loyalty resident evil los iluminados the village chief, Bitores Mendez. They began long and public religious readings for the villagers, and recruited many to excavate the fossilized remains of the Plaga.

However, the parasite managed to survive in spore-form and infected the villagers. Southern Europe Incident At some point, the cult managed to take over an offshore island base and organize a Ganado militia along with a heavily armed battleship.

Saddler began to hire researchers and ordered for the development of a resident evil los iluminados modified Plaga that could allow the host to retain their consciousness and control the normal Plaga.

Another tactic to use is to try and throw Hand Grenades behind the Zealots or shoot at resident evil los iluminados feet or exposed body parts. You could also use a weapon that can pierce through multiple targets such as the Punisher to hit them.


Crossbow- Bowmen will attempt to keep at range and harass the player with their bolts, usually fired in pairs and sometimes set alight for added damage. Bowmen are usually the weakest Zealots to kill and rarely reveal a Plaga.

Los Illuminados

Scythe- A large reaping scythe, this is likely the most dangerous resident evil los iluminados in a Zealot's arsenal, capable of slashing in a wide arc, it can also be thrown at close range, damaging the player.

If thrown at a moderate distance, it could cut Leon's head off. Even if not thrown, one swing at close range could result in an instant decapitation.

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Full Face Helmet- A heavy iron mask which protects the wearer from headshots. All ranks may wear a helmet but it seems most common on Zealots wielding melee weaponry, also, those wearing Full Face Helmets do not ever have a plaga erupt from their head like other Ganados. Others- Zealots resident evil los iluminados on rare occasions make use of other weapons, most often dynamite and RPGs.

Dynamite carrying zealots should be treated much the same as villagers, while when facing RPG carrying zealots, the player should seek cover immediately and wait until they have resident evil los iluminados before attacking.

Likely having not left the castle for years, the Zealots' skin is much paler than that of the villagers, and all of them appear to be bald, although their baldness is likely a result of having deliberately shaved their head as a religious statement rather than as a symptom of their infection.

Others are resident evil los iluminados tattooed or scarred.

Los Illuminados | Villains Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Overall, the Zealots are likely the most sinister and frightening to the Ganados. After defeating Bitores Mendezyou can still return to the village. When entering the church, you will see two black-robed zealots from the scene where Ashley and Leon jump through the window.

In Salazar's castle, whilst the zealots are 'sacrificing' around resident evil los iluminados appears to be a heart, you can sneak up to the edge, and if equipped with a missile launcher, you can take them all out with one shot if done properly.

The Illuminatti vs Los Illuminados - Resident Evil 4 Message Board for PlayStation 2 - GameFAQs

Residents from the Ganado-controlled El Pueblo Village are also loyal members of the cult, they were given specific orders from Saddler himself to kill any intruders to the Village who's infiltrated it as well as keep Ashley imprisoned within the Church.

They were partly responsible for the release of the parasites; hired Miners from the Village dug out Las Plagas under the leadership of both Saddler and one of his most trusted lieutenants: They were eventually infected with the Plaga and led by Chief Bitores Resident evil los iluminados, another resident evil los iluminados of Saddler's lieutenants.

They use household items and farming tools as weapons. They are possibly the most ruthless and savage of the three Ganado groups, having more dangerous weapons but are not as powerful as the Zealots or Combatants:

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