Safarnāma or Safarnāmé (Persian: سفرنامه ), also spelled as safarnameh, is a travel literature written during the 11th century by Nasir Khusraw . This short article focuses on 'one compelling individual, Nasir Khusraw' and some of his ideas. While making brief mention of the Safarnama, his philosophical. Nasir Khusraw, Safarnama, Iranian Studies, Islamic Studies, Ismaili Studies, Shi'i Nasir Khusraw has written in three distinct genres — travelogue, poetry and  ‎Introduction · ‎The Early Years · ‎The Journey of a Life · ‎Years of Exile.


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From Diwan of Nasir Khusraw. Many Persians are poets by nature but the poems of Nasir Khusraw are moral, Philosophical and religious. Nasir Khusraw has written numerous works of the hightest values and interest both in verse and Prose.

Most of the works of this great author have been the safarnama nasir khusraw of very careful study safarnama nasir khusraw many eminent Western scholars like Bland, Dorn, Ethe, Fagnan.

Nasir-i-khusraw's Journey

Nolde'ke, Pertsch, Riev, Schefer and many others. His religious and philosophical views are safarnama nasir khusraw illustrated in his verses. His great works include. The artistic value of his poems is not especially high, but the philosophical matter which still awaits its investigator is of very great importance for the history of Persian Literature.

It is a complete encyclopaedia of lsmaili safarnama nasir khusraw but of-course unsystematic one. From linguistic stand point also the work is of extra ordinary interest.


A good edition of Persian text appeared in Teheran in C. Rushanai-nama or the book of felicity safarnama nasir khusraw sharply criticises the aristocracy of the Kingdom and praises the.

As he appears in his best work Safar Nama, he was by his safarnama nasir khusraw look a country squire, always with keen eyes on matters which belonged to the usual circle of interest of his native land.

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He pays special attention to land, irrigation facilities, bazars markets trade and industry. But unfortunately this work has come down to us only in a very mutilated form and has probably been edited by a Sunni hand. The other works of Nasir are mainly Ismaili text books.

safarnama nasir khusraw

Cairo in the Light of Nasir Khusraw’s Safarnama « Simerg – Insights from Around the World

Among them first place should be given to Zad-al Musafrin. It is an encyclopaedia of a special character which deals with safarnama nasir khusraw most varied questions of a metaphysical and cosmographical nature.

The doctrine of Tawil or allegorical interpretation is clearly explained by him such as Paradise, hell, the Resurrection, the torment of tombs, the rising of sun from the west are all allegorically explained in his work.

No less important is the Wadjh-i-Din an introduction to lsmailism, which gradually initiates the reader in lsmaili belief by means of quotations form the Holy Ouran, clearly put together.

A number of similar safarnama nasir khusraw like Umm-al-Kitab, which were quite recently fairly widely disseminated among lsmailis of the Pamirs are sometimes credited to our author Sayyidna Nasir Khusraw.


He safarnama nasir khusraw wrote more than a dozen treatises expounding the doctrines of the lsmailis, among them the Jami al-Hikmatain in which he attempted a harmony between theology and philosophy.

His other works are: Nasir's works were numerous but many have not survived in perfect form. Modern lsmaili researcher Nasir Hunzai, has done vast studies of his works and has also translated most safarnama nasir khusraw them into Urdu, says that although a considerable portions of Nasir's work is now available in good editions, one cannot yet assert that sufficient light has been thrown upon his striking personality.

It would safarnama nasir khusraw particularly valuable if his philosophical system could be studied as it is of far-reaching importance for the history of thought in Persia and history of lsmailis.

Although Hakim Nasir Khusraw was a great philosopher and poet, his main subject remained religion.

Book of Travels - Safarnama

He used his poetry and philosophy for the propagation of lsmaili dawat. Safarnama nasir khusraw always took pride in spiritual elevation by Taid-i-lmam the spiritual help of Imam. To him philosophy was nothing in comparison to the spiritual elevation.

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