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A Honors degree in History and an LL.

She obtained a Masters Degree in Law from the University of Edinburgh and then practiced at one of the world's largest law firms in London, England during which time she traveled extensively, wrote moderately, and developed a taste for tea, European footwear and Greek sarah castille barely undercover.

He was trying so hard to fit in. Very few were accepted and fewer still earned their patch. Kickstand would never make the cut.

Barely Undercover by Sarah Castille | Writerspace

Too good-looking, too kind-hearted and too eager to please. What the hell was he doing with Hades? While Rex, Bones and Ryder lamented the lack of good prospects in the biker world, Lana edged her way toward the door, only to be cut off again, this time by a late arrival.

Almost as tall as Rex and Ryder, the new biker was lean, sarah castille barely undercover and powerful, with a narrow waist and long, hard thighs.

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His thick, dark hair just brushed his collar. His eyes were an unusual steel blue. A familiar steel blue. Her heart stuttered in her chest.

Barely Undercover | Sarah Castille » Books

She blinked her eyes. The man in front of her had the same physique, strong nose and chiseled jaw.


James was a cop through and through. No way would he ever join Hades.

Barely Undercover (Legal Heat, #2) by Sarah Castille

As if sensing her perusal, he frowned. He had a road name, and from the mini salivating puppies on the front of his jacket, he was full patch. He was no prospect, like Kickstand, currying favor in the hopes of being allowed to join the club.

He was a fully initiated member of Hades. Swallowing hard, Sarah castille barely undercover removed her glasses and stared down at the fishnet stockings peeking out of her boots like a hundred crisscrossing lines of black gunpowder.

Barely Undercover

One of the garters was still loose, leaving her even more exposed—as if that was possible—to sarah castille barely undercover explosive heat of his gaze. He pulled a card from his pocket and ran it through the card reader.

The door buzzed open and he disappeared inside.

Lana bolted down the alley and grabbed the handle just before the door snapped shut. Her eyes swept over the entrance and she caught a flash of gold. She leaned in to examine the small, discreet plaque affixed to the wall. No wonder she had Heartless Bastard sarah castille barely undercover the brain.

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