Login. Open a web browser and enter the IP address of the bright blue controller in the address field. Next, the login will appear. Type in the appropriate User ID. The bright blue platform supports standard Wiegand devices, Schlage AD Series electronic locks, and various card formats and technologies such as proximity. Overview. Schlage® NDE locks with ENGAGE™ technology seamlessly integrate with the Vanderbilt bright blue® web-based access control system to provide a.


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Vanderbilt Integration - RS2 Technologies, LLC

All you have to do is tell us which doors you need to manage. Choose a security option that works for you.

You need a security solution that fits your needs and your budget, now and in the future. We have kept your choices easy by combining economical and proven access control solutions with reliable installation schlage bright blue service.


All you need to decide is whether or not you want to add video capability and what service package makes sense for your operation. What could schlage bright blue simpler?

Note that video client software will need to be installed on your Schlage bright blue. The best part is that you can access and manage your system from anywhere at anytime — all you need is internet access!

The system incorporates application wizards for easy operation, and comes with 15 standardized easy-to-run reports. With a few clicks, you can run reports on access attempts, device schlage bright blue, personnel information and more.

Other features include automatic database back ups, easy lockdown capabilities, and many other convenient features. Reduces sales cycles Makes installation effortless Reduces support issues Shortens schlage bright blue time Is cost-effective Provides the right feature set for your customers 9 Its intelligent design makes it perfect for: Small to medium-sized commercial offices Medical and dental offices K schools Property schlage bright blue Retail Houses of worship The bright blue system was designed to meet the specific needs of small to medium sized organizations.

Schlage Electronics Solution Sheet Vanderbilt Bright Blue AD AD

Schlage conducted an extensive amount of research with schlage bright blue dealers and end-users to develop a system that was easy to sell, install, train, support and use. Essentially, bright blue is the right solution for any system with 1 to 32 doors. How bright blue bridges the gap: The bright blue product family consists of a few basic components.


You must save schlage bright blue adding another. Once you have added card holders to the system, you must assign doors to their profile before their card will unlock any Bright Blue door.

In the example below, the card holder has not been assigned access to any door.

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