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This sciences cognitives honing of the program is nonetheless supplemented by our international network of European partners, which provides CogMaster students exposure to supplementary education in areas not covered. The program is structured around five main themes: Social sciences cognitives, upper cognitive functions, genetics, development and plasticity, language and communication, perception and action.

Through these themes, students gain access to truly multidisciplinary credit hours U. At the close of the M2 year, students should be capable of successfully conducting an original and integrative research project in cognitive science.


This includes the capacity sciences cognitives formulate a problem set, explore that problem set against existing literature, develop an experimental or theoretical approach for solving the problem set, analyze results obtained, and compare results to published sciences cognitives in that area.

Students will also be required to draft a technical report along the lines of a scientific publication, and to clearly and concisely defend the report in public.


With its rigorous teaching standards and sciences cognitives footing in national and international research, the program provides students with everything they need to advance to an academic position with a university.

The field is nonetheless highly competitive, and students must be aware that the job market in cognitive science remains narrow in Europe, and, furthermore, that universities continue to be structured in a manner that maintains the traditional separation between disciplines.

The CogMaster program is not yet in a position to grant funding to students who wish to continue on to a research dissertation, but the leadership team is always available to provide information to students about existing opportunities for funding.

Given the intense nature of the work that goes into a dissertation, all students are discouraged from embarking on a dissertation without having secured a stipend.

Students are highly encouraged to start looking very early toward the end of the first semester of the M2 year for dissertation funding, keeping a close eye on calls for proposals so as not to miss submission deadlines, most of which sciences cognitives during the month of March.

Sciences cognitives - Inria

Exposure to research experience in a state-of-the-art cognitive science lab can prove a valuable asset in many fields, from applied research in the private sector robotics, human machine interfaces, technologies for learning to biomedical research, medical imaging, and healthcare services rehabilitation.

The empiricist view, on the other hand, emphasizes that certain abilities are learned from the environment. Although clearly both genetic and environmental input is needed for a child to develop normally, sciences cognitives debate remains about how genetic information might guide cognitive development.

In the area of language acquisitionfor example, some such as Steven Pinker [11] have argued that specific information containing universal grammatical rules must be contained in the genes, whereas others such as Jeffrey Elman and colleagues in Rethinking Innateness have argued that Pinker's claims are biologically unrealistic.

They argue that sciences cognitives determine the architecture of a learning system, but that specific "facts" about how grammar works can only be learned as a result of experience.


Memory Memory sciences cognitives us to store information for later retrieval. Memory is often thought of as consisting of both a long-term and short-term store. Long-term memory allows us to store information over prolonged periods days, weeks, years. We do not yet know the practical limit of long-term memory capacity.

Short-term memory allows us to store information over short time scales seconds or minutes. Memory is also often grouped sciences cognitives declarative and procedural forms.

Institut des sciences cognitives | UQAM

Declarative memory —grouped into subsets of semantic and episodic forms of memory —refers to our memory sciences cognitives facts and specific knowledge, specific meanings, and specific experiences e. Procedural memory sciences cognitives us to remember actions and motor sequences e.

Cognitive scientists study memory just as psychologists do, but tend to focus in more on how memory bears on cognitive processesand the interrelationship between cognition and memory.

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