There are two types of rear axles found on light-duty 4x4s: semi-floating and full-floating. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. In depth explanation of the difference between semi floating and full floating axles. Light duty semi float axles carry the weight of the vehicle in the axle shaft itself. Read about full-floating vs. semi-floating and other axle tech you should know about, including high pinion vs. low pinion, c-clip vs. pressed.


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Gear setup is often semi floating axle convenient with this method. One other advantage of a third member setup is that it is possible to trail swap them if necessary because there is no precision work involved in swapping third members as there is in setting up a carrier in semi floating axle assembly.

Low Pinion When we look at differentials, there is another design factor to consider. There are the most common low-pinion axles, or third members, and there are the less common high-pinion versions.

Semi Floating vs Full Floating Axles

This simply refers to the fact of whether the pinion gear mates with the ring gear below low or above high the centerline of the ring gear and axle housing. Photos View Slideshow C-Clip vs. Pressed Bearing When it semi floating axle to holding semi floating axle axle shafts in a semi-floating axle housing, there are two methods used by designers.

One uses a C-clip inside the differential assembly, and the other uses a pressed bearing out at the wheel end of the axle shaft.

The Difference between Semi VS Full Floating Axle

Answered 66w ago A full-floating axle shaft does not carry the vehicle's weight; it serves only to transmit torque from the differential to the wheels. As a result, the shaft is only subjected to semi floating axle loads for all intents and purposes.

Full floating axles are rather heavy, but have very large weight carrying capacities. Pinterest Axles are what give vehicles the ability to rotate semi floating axle wheels.


Some vehicles have it where the axles are attached to the wheels while others have the axles semi floating axle to the body. In addition to giving the wheels the ability to rotate, axles may also support the weight of a vehicle too.

Full-Floating Vs. Semi-Floating - Axle Tech - Off-Road Magazine

This is true if you have either semi floating axle full floating axle or a semi floating axle. This is typical of the independent suspensions found on most newer cars and SUVs, and on the front of many light trucks.

These systems still have differentialsbut will not have attached axle housing tubes. They may be semi floating axle to the vehicle frame or body, or integral in a transaxle. The axle shafts usually constant-velocity type then transmit driving torque to the wheels.

Load ratings for similar vehicles with the two different axles are usually significantly different.

What is the difference between semi-floating and fully-floating rear axle? - Quora

If you do hard-core 'wheeling on big tires, a full-floater means that your axleshafts can also handle much more loading semi floating axle a similar semi-floater could because it now must only handle torque loading. Further advantages of a full-floater include being able to remove a broken axleshaft, yet still have the ability to keep a functional rolling tire on that corner of the vehicle.

This can be done since the wheel actually bolts to the hub that rides semi floating axle the spindle attached to the axlehousing. If the axle has manual locking hubs, it may be possible to unlock the rear hubs for towing a disabled vehicle on the trail semi floating axle for flat towing over the road.

It is now possible to convert some semi-floater rear axles to full-floaters using aftermarket kits. These kits allow an owner to easily upgrade the axleshaft strength of his axle. However, such a kit does not upgrade the differential assembly, so axles with this portion as a weak link would not benefit much from such a conversion.

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