For speed maths video tutorial, i think this playlist is really help, it has videos on quick addition, subtraction and multiplication. Best speed maths tricks for fast. And, while there are educators who oppose math “tricks” for valid When students have to multiply two integers, they can speed up the. Here are ten tips to help you crunch numbers in your head. Florence Loses Speed, Now Crawling Inland as Historic Rainfall Continues.


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What is the ratio of water and wine in the mixture? Square root of Here the one's digit is having 6, so we will find square of which numbers from 1 to 9 are having 6 in the ones digit place which will be 4 and speed maths tips. So either 4 or 6 will form the one's digit of the square root of So either 64 or 66 can be the square root of We will look at Multiplication Tricks for Mental Math in speed maths tips next post.

The Secret of Mental Math Tricks Solving math from right to left is what makes mental math hard to do in your head.

Fast Arithmetic Tips

Speed maths tips secret of mental math is to solve from left to right, instead of the other way round. We are taught to solve from right to left in school because it is easier to solve math this way on paper.

But when it comes to solving speed maths tips in your head, the opposite holds true. When you solve from left to right, you will start calling out the answer, before you even complete the full calculation. It speed maths tips feel weird at first but you will discover that this is the most natural way to do calculations in your head.

With a little practice, you will get comfortable solving math left to right really fast. The rule is simple.

Add from left to right. One digit at a time. The reason why left to right addition is fast is because you have to remember lesser numbers in your head speed maths tips you try to add from left to right.

Also you will immediately start calling out the answer from the very first step of the process.


Addition by Rounding Up Sometimes the addition might result in a lot of numbers to be carried over. The hardest mental math addition problem you can ever get will be where you speed maths tips to carry over numbers in all the steps. In that case, it is easier to add speed maths tips by rounding up the number first and subtracting the amount rounded up.

Mental Math Tricks To Do Speed Math

The procedure to arrive at this speed maths tips is the same as the previous example and you can find the working below: You simply subtract left to right. Let us apply the secret of mental math tricks to subtract two numbers - Subtract from left to right.


Borrow numbers where necessary. Now you give it a shot and subtract - Subtraction by Rounding Up Left to right subtraction is easy and straight forward when there is no borrowing.

Sometimes the subtraction might result in a speed maths tips of numbers to be borrowed from its neighbor.

Speed Maths, Short-cuts, tricks and tips for a faster and accurate Calculations

In that case, it is easier to subtract by rounding speed maths tips the number and adding the amount rounded up. Let us look at how to do this by subtracting - Round up the number Subtract from left to right Add the amount you rounded up.

By rounding up you have an addition problem instead of a subtraction problem.

In mental math it is slightly easier to do addition instead of subtraction. You might have problem in figuring out how much you rounded up.

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