Watch & Enjoy to Srikrishna Rayabaram - Part 4 Written by Written By: Late Titupati Venkatakavulu Click Here. He acted as Sri Krishna in the film “Sri Krishna Rayabaram” made in early 60's and in the film “Chintamani” featuring Bhanumathi. He acted in other films also. Gummadi GopalaKrishna acted as Sri Krishna, at Ravindra Bharathi Lawns, Hyderabad.


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Ghantasaala Padyaalu

He was awarded puraskaram by the AP govt. He published his auto biography recently with details of his acting career along with his contemporaries like Pisapati, dhulipala etc.

His audio is shown in the audio section. He is sri krishna rayabaram padyalu of Raghuramaiah, whom he considers as his god father. Like his guru, he is famous for singing padyams in long winding ragas based on Hindustani raga.

He acted as Srinivasa, Bhavani sankara, narada and other roles. He received the puraskaram from the AP govt. He gave some gramophone records also.

She acted in the roles of SriKrishna, Sri Rama and Chintamani etc in professional dramas through out the state. She acted both male sri krishna rayabaram padyalu female roles.

Sri Krishna Rayabaram Padyalu

She received puraskaram from AP govt. She acted in many films also.

Endowed with the correct physical features for the villain characters, he formed his own troupe and staged dramas throughout the state for the many years. He received puraskaram from AP state govt.


He is still acting occasionally. He is famous for the female roles of Satybhama, Chandramathi, Chintamani, Sakkubayi etc. He is considered as next to sthnam narasimha rao sri krishna rayabaram padyalu portraying female roles.

He worked as instructor to the students of padya natakams in telugu university.

Sri Krishna Rayabaram Padyalu — Download New Songs

He rendered Harikathas also. He received the puraskaram from the AP govt in Sri krishna rayabaram padyalu settled in Hyderabad. He acted only in that role for about 50 years though out the state as professional. His specialty is that he sings the padyams in a very high pitch shruthi than other, continuously in long winding ragas.

Even though he is not educated, sri krishna rayabaram padyalu to this special skill alone he became the darling of the masses for only his singing powers.

AndhraNatakam Audios

Sri krishna rayabaram padyalu is considered to be highest paid drama artist on the stage. He is about 70 years of age and still acting.

His audio cassettes are available in all leading music stores. He is famous for the roles of Srikrishna, Sri Rama, Bilva mangala etc. He is popular for his very melodious voice, which is most suitable for harmonium and for singing padyams with long winding ragas.

His voice as SriRama can be heard in the gramophone record Ramanjaneya Yuddham, which was very popular.

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