D6 system Star Wars Roleplaying Game. For many decades this game has brought players and gamemasters many adventures and stories. The D6 system has. The system that popularized the D6 System. Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game is a role-playing game set in the Star Wars universe, written and published by. Star Wars D6 Roleplaying Game. No new posts, Official Rules Discuss the official WEG Star Wars RPG rules, interpretations, and rules questions. The rules as.


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Star Wars D6 Roleplaying Game - Google+

This article is about the D6 system roleplaying game from West End Games. It was published by West End Games from star wars d6 rpg they lost the license in Learn the ways of the lightsaber-wielding Jedi Knights, and master the powers of the Force!

This page rulebook features: Completely revised, with a conversion system for first edition materials.

Inside are all of the essential charts and tables necessary to run Star Wars: Among 3rd Edition's changes from earlier versions was the 3 force skills was unified to one single force attribute, other force-related revisions and droid PC rules.

Fantasy Flight Games announced in they were going to make a 30th Anniversary Edition's reprint of the first rule book and a sourcebook, scheduled for Star wars d6 rpg West End Games held the license for Star Wars star wars d6 rpg playing game publishing for over 10 years.


What would be later known as the D6 System gained its widest audience through Star Wars gaming. The Role Playing Game 1st Edition "Experience the vast scope and star wars d6 rpg power of the greatest space fantasy of all time!


Struggle against the awesome might of the evil galactic Empire, fly faster-than-light spacecraft, trade blaster fire with Imperial stormtroopers, fight lightsaber duels, and tap the mystic Force which binds all living things together.

Second Edition - Revised and Expanded.

All of this material was approved by Lucasfilm and later made its way into the background and occasional foreground material of the novels and comic-books that comprised the Star Star wars d6 rpg Expanded Universe.

Due to the owner's poor choice to siphon money from West End Games into his failing shoe company Bocce Imports, done in a last-ditch attempt to keep it afloat, West End Games went under and lost the Star Wars license.

Special thanks to JF Boivin for first bringing these to my attention, and star wars d6 rpg Robin Gosse for helping me figure out what to do with them so they didn't eat up all my bandwidth!

These two books have been reprinted by Fantasy Flight Games in one 30th Anniversary package and are available here ].

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