Legal framework for the same, if any. Structure. Introduction. Structure of Trade Unions. Structure ofTrade Unions in India. Recognition of Unions. Explain the structure of industrial federations and the nature of their affiliation to central federations of trade unions. Describe the organizational structure of the central federations of trade unions in the country. Explain the nature of government of primary trade unions in India. Trade unions may, for the purpose of analysis, be divided into a number of categories, as follows: Craft union: The earliest form of trade union, one whose.


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Welfare-The main objective of the Trade Union is to work for the welfare of the workers. This includes welfare of the family members or children of the worker.

Employee and Employer Relations-for an industrial peace there must be harmony between employer and employee.

Trade Unions in India: History, Objectives, Functions & Problems

But due to superior power of the management sometimes conflict arises in this situation Trade Union represent the whole group of workers and continue negotiations with management.

Safeguarding Organisational Health and the Interest of the Industry-Trade Unions also help in achieving employee satisfaction. Trade unions also help in better industrial relation by creating procedure to resolve the industrial dispute.

Alone workers feel weak. Trade Union provides him a platform to join others to achieve social objectives. Collective bargaining helps to resolve the issues of workers. Collective Bargaining is the foundation of the structure of trade union in india and it is in the interest of labour that statutory recognition has been accorded to Trade Union and their capacity to represent workmen.

Trade Unions protect the worker from wages hike, provides job security through peaceful measures. Trade Unions also help in providing financial and non-financial aid to the workers during lock out or strike or in medical need.


It has also to be borne in mind structure of trade union in india making an agreement that the interest of the workers who are not the members of Trade Union are also protected and the workers who are not members of the Trade Union structure of trade union in india also protected and the workers are not discriminated.

The goal of the labor legislation somehow rests with the emergence of industrial peacewhere protection of innocent employee is an essential condition and this is the reason which motivated the formation of trade unions and its recognition by the law.

Responsibilities can be summarized with regards to function of trade union and employer employee relationship. The develoment of the society should not be obstructed by virtue of un necessary strikes and grave agitation, sometimes the consensus reached between employer and employee is favorable to them but may be unjust to innocent customer that innocent customer is supposed to be protected by trade union.

Goals should be achieved by not overlooking the interest of community at large. To promote the planned schemes and ideas for savings so that capital formation increases.

  • Role of Trade Unions in India
  • Structure of Trade Unions in India Industrial Relations Management

New equipments should be supported by virtue of awareness programmes about its use. There are many welfare measures are taken for supporting the workmen example of which is legal assistance, housing schemes and education to children of workers so these functions of trade union makes its existence significant for social justice.

This role may not be observed by direct method but indirectly wages can be increased by the actions of Trade unions like assurance can be there from the trade union regarding the payment of marginal productivity level which can be done by increasing bargaining capacity and power.

Trade union can stop supply of labours in the specific trade which may have consequence of increased wage. The workers of the Structure of trade union in india textile industry demanded that the working hour should be reduced, weekly holidays and compensation in structure of trade union in india of injuries suffered by the workmen.

Bombay mills hand association is first union established for workers by N. Several Labour movements started after the outbreak of worldwar one. The miserable social and economic condition of the people at that time triggered the labour movement.

Role of Trade Unions in India

Formation of ILO international labour organization structure of trade union in india to formation of trade unions. Ahmadabad labor textile association was formed under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi principle of non violence. AITUC witnessed the split because some members were in support of the war and other were not in support of the war, later group is separated as an organization under the leadership of congress leaders resulted in the formation of Indian National Trade Union Congress INTUC.

Therefore the splits and detachment can be observed resulting in creation of separate trade unions. Craft's union consists and comprises of earning of wage from the single occupation, it includes all the workmen working for single craft even of different industries ,An Industrial union is formed by virtue of actions of industry not because of similar crafts or works, General structure of trade union in india consists the workmen of various crafts and industries.

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