In the last novel, SUPERHEROES ANONYMOUS, we left Gail Godwin, aka The Hostage Girl, in prison for the super villains. Eventually she. Post with 27 votes and views. Shared by jrgolden Supervillains Anonymous. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Lexie Dunne is a woman of many masks, all of them stored neatly in a box under her bed. By day a mild-mannered.


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Unfortunately, not every villain has gotten the memo that Hostage Girl is no longer being saved, and one villain's attempt to addict Gail to a radioactive substance turns supervillains anonymous to have unexpected consequences.


Superheroes Anonymous was followed in by Supervillains Anyonmous, wherein Gail learns that her kidnapping may not have been random, supervillains anonymous the jail for supervillains is surprisingly comfortable, and that there are sinister conspiracies underneath the surface of the superhero community.

The Superheroes Anonymous series contains examples of: As Hostage Girl, Gail's learned how to take a punch, how to convince supervillains supervillains anonymous take her hostage in place of others, and how to remain calm under pressure. The key to how Mobium works.

Supervillains (Not-So) Anonymous – Patreon Reward | Stitch's Media Mix

As its host encounters threats, it enhances their body to ensure its survival. It also lets recipients pick up new powers this way. Doing so, particularly supervillains anonymous new powers, supervillains anonymous stress on the body and might kill the host. With a name like Gail Godwin, she should have known that she'd wind up with powers.

PULP DEN: Supervillains Anonymous

The Mobium gives Gail accelerated healing, super-strength, killer abs, heightened senses, and AwesomenessByAnalysis. It also gave her cancer. Until it's revealed that the cancer is supervillains anonymous cover story by Lemuel to keep her from recognizing the other effects of her powers.

Brought Down to Normal: Mobius' latest serum does this to Plain Jane supervillains anonymous Blaze.

Vicki is distraught but Guy is happy to be normal again. Bus Full of Innocents: With her friends in the crosshairs, it's up to her to escape and get to supervillains anonymous bottom of things.

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Subterfuge, crime-fighting, and running away from everybody you know should be supervillains anonymous cinch, right? Gail faces off against hero and villain alike just to stay alive. The main character, Gail, and her boyfriend seemed so naive that I had to double check supervillains anonymous age to verify that they were actually adults.


I would recommend this book to others who are looking for a light read full of action and excitement. I thought that this book worked well all by itself but I do have a feeling that the first book in the series would have contained some very important background information.

This is the first book by Lexie Dunne that I have supervillains anonymous a chance to read and I look forward to reading her supervillains anonymous in the future.

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Harper Voyager Impulse via Edelweiss for the purpose of providing an honest review. Supervillains Anonymous Panel 1 Mister Austerity: Hello, I'm Mister Austerity and I'm supervillains anonymous supervillain.

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