The Rag and Bone Shop has ratings and reviews. Melki said: Look, Jason. I am only stating what they think. I am trying to show you the serious. Twelve-year old Jason is accused of the brutal murder of a young girl. Is he innocent or guilty? The shocked town calls on an interrogator with a stellar. The Rag and Bone Shop was the last book written and published by young adult author Robert Cormier before his death in The book is split into three.


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Suddenly everything is different.

What are the present and future implications of this new situation for Trent? What does he tell himself to justify his plan to kill Bobo? How will this action restore his self-respect?

If he carries through on this murder, who will then need to confess? The chilling results of the questioning will leave an indelible mark on readers and prompt heated discussions regarding the definition of guilt and the fine line between truth and deception.

The Rag and Bone Shop Characters

Jason was the last person to see Alicia alive and is the prime suspect, although he doesn't know it — Trent tells Jason that the information he is providing is voluntary. Trent interrogates Jason the rag and bone shop robert a small white-walled room with no ventilation and a single light bulb dangling from the ceiling, and he twists the information that Jason gives him into a distorted story that makes Jason look guilty of Alicia's murder.

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He usually sat alone in the cafeteria and felt alone even when others were at the table. The other students seldom talked to him or asked him his opinion about anything. Even at 75, Cormier was still connecting with readers six decades his junior.

He is, after all, the same author who once put his own home phone number in one of his books I Am the Cheese and graciously accepted calls from curious readers over the years. And so, goodbye, Mr.


I just didn't anticipate how intolerable it would get. As the special interrogator Trent commences the rag and bone shop robert his skills on young Jason—the twelve-year-old secretly suspected murderer of a precocious seven-year-old girl—the writing is so tensely vivid that it is not hyperbolic in the least to say that it actually felt as if I were being interrogated with Jason, my own life on the line depending on the next several hours.

The Rag and Bone Shop by Robert Cormier

Worse yet, Jason doesn't know that the police suspect him of the murderous act of which he has been accused behind closed doors, and the expert Trent weaves his the rag and bone shop robert through the spare facts of the case like a deadly spider, slowly, excruciatingly tying Jason up in his web as the light of freedom and life imperceptibly begins to depart.

It's hard to convey the severe, raw intensity of how this situation moves forward, or to describe the unrivaled genius of author Robert Cormier that makes it all so profoundly, hauntingly affecting, but my whole body was the rag and bone shop robert as the unbearable climax of the narrative closed in, as the heat elevated physically and metaphorically and the scene became more disturbing.

Trent is eager to get a confession out of Jason though.


As they continue to talk about Alicia, Jason reveals that Alicia was fighting with her brother Brad on the day she was murdered. So, Trent tells Jason that the police consider Jason to be their prime suspect for the crime, but that he, Trent, can keep Jason safe. All Jason has to the rag and bone shop robert is admit to killing Alicia.

Not only do they know Brad killed his sister, but he confessed to it as well.

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