As someone relatively new to the field of Interaction Design, John Kolko's Thoughts on Interaction Design, Second Edition has allowed me to. Editorial Reviews. Review. People are clamoring for more copies of Thoughts on Interaction Design. It is one of two key books on interaction design practice that. Thoughts on Interaction Design, Second Edition, contemplates and contributes to the theory of Interaction Design by exploring the semantic connections that live.


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While Kolko's background in thoughts on interaction design computer interaction seems to makes Thoughts tailor-made for web designers and other graphical user interface GUI wizards, the basic divide between thoughts on interaction design and user applies regardless of the mechanism of interface.

The designer of a car interior or a kitchen knife is as much an interaction designer as someone writing java scripts for websites. Kolko himself expresses this in the introduction, when he describes design as a both a language and a rhetoric.

While discussions of semiotics seem speculative when applied to literature or media criticism, Kolko uses semiotics to analyze the process of creation rather than deconstruction. Kolko demands that designers take ownership of the process of design, in a way almost analogous to the Auteur theory of filmmaking.

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Thoughts on Interaction Design, 2nd Edition

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the field Interaction Design, both for novices as well as seasoned practitioners. It contains many fascinating insights that will inspire any Interaction Designer, as well as better enable them to thoughts on interaction design communicate and defend their role and importance.


I will leave you with one such insight expressed by Jon Kolko himself: Positioned as thoughts on interaction design entrepreneurship, social innovation, or the new design, designers are fundamental in structuring a world worth living in.

The idea of esthetics, experience, and poetry.

Thoughts on Interaction Design by Jon Kolko

How do you see these elements in our ability or inability to control them impact on interaction design. Or the possible processes that interaction designers are currently engaging in now. Yes, and it was noted by a friend of mine at the poetry parties, like the shortest thoughts on interaction design of the book.

There has been some good talk recently about the idea of affect, emotion, and experience.

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Is happy the same as seductive? Is beautiful the same as gorgeous? How do we do those? How do we target those things?

Thoughts on Interaction Design, 2nd Edition - Jon Kolko - Häftad | Bokus

Yes, and maybe you have touched on this already and forgive me if you have. I noted in your book this was really interesting.


It got me thoughts on interaction design for a while about this, about a poetic interaction may not be a usable interaction. And was that the idea you were driving at when you stated that? And then those are things that become hilarious conversations; great memories that are shared between people.

Radio Johnny: Jon Kolko’s Thoughts on Interaction Design | Johnny Holland

And thoughts on interaction design some degree, those are the poetic parts of life. Microwave is absolutely cool. That leads down towards a very thoughts on interaction design path. Absolutely, I mean your book your book touches on so many different aspects; we could take one chapter and and talk about it for hours literally.

He has worked extensively in the professional world of interaction design, solving the problems of Fortune clients. His work has extended into the worlds of consumer electronics, mobile, web, supply chain management, demand planning, and customer-relationship management.

The underlying theme of these problems and projects was the creation of Design with a focus on Design Synthesis and the creation of meaning. That the tools and methods can be used for the solution of social and political issues and not simply for the development of products.

This book is essential reading for all who wish to move beyond style to deep, impactful substance.

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