T.S. Eliot's The Journey of the Magi is different. It is the story of the journey to the Christ child and back again. But furthermore, it's the story of. These are the opening lines of “Journey of the Magi” by T. S. Eliot, my favorite Advent-Christmas-Epiphany poem. The magi (aka “wise men”) set off to find the. Merry Christmas! It's a birth-of-Jesus poem! Er, almost "Journey of the Magi," though often thought of as minor in T.S. Eliot's overall oeuvre (a fancy French.


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Sudden religiosity or no, this is still very recognizably T.

Spiritual Realism in Eliot’s “Journey of the Magi” – Fare Forward

Why Should I Care? For one thing, it's always kind of neat to see traditional stories played with a bit—especially by authors who are the best of their kind at such playing. The Bible doesn't get into the wise men's heads, really, and so "Journey of the Magi" fills in a gap, which is always cool.

But what if we don't really know the Bible? What if we're not Christian? What could this poem possibly have to tell us?

The poem has a number of symbolist elements, where an entire philosophical position is summed up by the manifestation of a single image. For example, the ts eliot journey of the magi says that on the journey they saw "three trees against a low sky"; the single image of the three trees implies the historical future the crucifixion and the spiritual truth of the future the skies lowered and heaven opened.

Harcourt Brace, ; and Collected Poems: The Poetics of Recovery. Bucknell University Press,— Critical Companion to T. Ts eliot journey of the magi University Press,9ff.

Despite this absence of mental information, there is ts eliot journey of the magi presence of spiritual satisfaction. They found a place—merely a rude stable—and not a full understanding of the event captured in that stable.

Second, the actual nativity scene itself is elided from the narrative: Jesus himself is absent from the poem.

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Is this because this part of the story is familiar to us, but the Magi themselves are not — or specifically, how the Magi would have felt about seeing their deeply-held beliefs cast into doubt by this new Messiah? He imagines one of the kings giving an account of the journey. Within ts eliot journey of the magi Christian tradition, the journey of the Magi is associated with celebration and wonder and gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

General hints at fertility ceremonies may be ts eliot journey of the magi, demonstrating another continuity in theme between this and earlier poetry; but it is important to see that, though its death and rebirth are also related, Christianity is presented by Eliot as an escape from Frazerian cycles of fertility in the way that the Buddhist 'Shantih shantih shantih' hinted at such an escapenot as its mere continuation.

Interesting Literature

From The Savage and the City in the work of T. Reprinted with permission of the author. David Moody The first paragraph presents the detail of the journey in a manner which arrives at no vision of experience.

The present participles and the paratactic syntax, presenting one thing after another in a simple narrative, hold us to the banalities of romantic travellers.

Journey of the Magi

The voice recounting them is tired as if repeating the too well known. Only at the beginning and the end of the paragraph is there something to catch the attention of the modern reader, so far as he knows what the Magi did not know.

Their 'cold coming' might suggest the cold coming Christ himself had, as the carols now tell it.


Again, 'That this was all folly' becomes a commonplace Christian paradox when we know that they were seeking Christ.

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