Be classified into the following types: 1. Mechanical comparators. 2. Optical comparators. 3. Electrical & Electronic comparators. 4. Pneumatic comparators. 5. This article explains about different types of comparators like mechanical, Electronic Comparator with its applications, advantages, and. Types of Comparators. Mechanical Comparator. Mechanical-Optical Comparator. Reed Type Comparator. Electrical-Electronic Comparator. Pneumatic Comparator.


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What are the Mechanical Comparators? | Metrology - ExtruDesign

The current is directly tuned into the different sizes of the comparators and they are prolonged by an amplifier specified by the galvanometer. The precision of this comparator is 0. Advantages In this comparator, there are no moving parts They are sensitivity The accuracy period of this comparator types of mechanical comparators very long Pneumatic Comparator The working principle of the pneumatic comparator is pressure difference is generated by the air flow.

The supplied air is at constant pressure from the jaw and air will escape from the jets through a restricted space which is applied from the back pressure.

Out of four reeds, types of mechanical comparators were placed vertically D and two placed horizontally to connect the two blocks A and B.

Types of Comparators (With Diagram) | Metrology

Reed Type Mechanical Comparator. The number of parts in sigma comparator is more than the other Mechanical comparators types.


The Sigma comparator has the Plunger, Knife Edge, Cross strip hinge, Slit diaphragm, a pointer and some other small components are also there. Air flowing at tube 1 increases in pipe 11 and keeps a fixed head of water-H and extra of air outflows as bubbles.

The scale 9 is also adjusted that a head difference h specifies changes in the gap d enlarged various types of mechanical comparators times.

The main advantages of this comparator is, easy to operate, cheap, independent of the constant pressure, free from mechanical wear and magnification is high as 10, times. Thus, this types of mechanical comparators all about a comparator and the types of comparators which includes mechanical, optical, Reed type, electrical and pneumatic comparators.

Different Types of Comparators with Thier Working

types of mechanical comparators We hope that you have got a better concept of this article. Here is a question for you, what is the function of the comparator? He has 8 years of experience in Customer Support, Operations and Administration.

The trigger J opposite K is used to protect the measuring contact.


At the upper end of the vertical beam, an adjusting screw is provided for final zero setting of the scale. A new patented feature is shown at K.

In this way a constant pressure over the whole scale range is achieved. The instrument is available with vertical capacities of mm, mm and mm and magnifications of,, and The scales are graduated in both English types of mechanical comparators Metric systems. The least count which one division represents is of the order of 0.

It has got a bold scale and larger indicating pointer. Diagrammatic sketch types of mechanical comparators the movement of sigma comparator.

Movement of sigma comparator. The plunger in Fig.

Mechanical Comparators (Metrology)

A knife edge is mounted on it and bears upon the face of the moving member of a cross strip hinge. For details of cross strip hinge refer Fig.

The cross strip hinge consists of the moving component and a fixed types of mechanical comparators which are connected by thin flexible strips alternately at right types of mechanical comparators to each other. Thus if an external force is applied to the moving member ; it will pivot, as would a hinge, about the line of intersection of the strips.

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