Wöhler VIS 40mm P/T Push Camera kit and push rod distance measurement make the Vis inspection camera system perfect for many applications. Technical Data Wohler VIS 3xx series. Monitor. Size housing: 7“ x “ x “ 20“ x 17“ x 7“ (l x w x h). Weight: 18 lbs. Digital Recording (Wohler VIS ). Rent the Vis Inspection Camera: A remotely controlled pan & tilt push camera head with a Ft cable. Video recording, battery power, large 7" LCD display.


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Other inspection or drain cameras have heavy metal storage reels and separate viewing monitors that add to their bulk and weight. This is superior to wohler vis 340, pipe, push and drain wohler vis 340 systems that rely on DC power only. Digital Memory The new recording function allows the user to save and replay movies of the inspection on a 2GB SD card.

Pipes bigger than mm can be inspected with the help of guidance sets. The articulating eye of the full color camera head lets you take a close look at pipes, air ducts, chimneys, vents, cracks, welding seams, gaskets and manholes.

Pipe Camera - Wohler VIS

The innovative design of the VIS push camera provides super bright LED lighting and very wohler vis 340 common sense operation all in one heavy duty and very portable plastic carrying case. The VIS push pipe camera system also comes standard with a built in analogue RCA video out for viewing and further documentation onto other electronic recording and display devices USB output is also included in the kit.

The power supply offers simultaneous operation and battery recharging of its 2 x NiMH battery packs that each provide 50 minutes of continuous operation. The VIS reveals how far the push rod has travelled for better location of problem areas.

This is better than guessing haw far a blockage is when wohler vis 340 come time to make repairs Pan and Tilt Camera Head: Adjust the color intensity of the monitor see chapter wohler vis 340.

Wohler VIS Specifications |

Bad image Plastic dome is scratched. Change the plastic dome Option: Camera or monitor do not react.


Disposable or rechargeable batteries are empty. The camera system is damaged.

Send the device in for repair. The rod is broken. Connect the monitor correctly. The connection cable is broken.


The color camera head is not connected correctly to the locator. Attach the changeable color camera head again.

More stuff

The following maintenance works can be done by the user himself. Camera head Only use soft, damp cloth to clean the lens.

Never use any cleanser.

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